The Elder Scrolls Online Receives a Teaser Trailer

Right. Bethesda officially announced this yesterday. Today we got the first images and now they’ve sent over a teaser trailer. It’s all going a bit fast, not to mention very piecemeal, isn’t it?

This is just a teaser trailer, faintly reminiscent of the first few seconds of the excellent Game of Thrones title sequence but short on actual game. So don’t get your hopes up for any further information or video of people with swords hacking lumps off each other. It’s just a voice over.


Here’s the thing, though: I think that the voice is Michael Gambon. Awesome.

Source: Press release



  1. Tasty. We’ll see, not too hot on MMOs but I’ll check it out when it’s released.

  2. Michael Gambon? Fudge yeah.

  3. definitely sounds like him.

    still waiting to see some gameplay though.

  4. Not unlikely to be Gambon, what with Max von Sydow voicing the original trailer as well as being in the game. Leading on to the very possible possibility that Gambon is gonna be voice acting here.

  5. Although I’ve never played an MMO before, either this or a Fallout MMO would convince me to start doing so. Really hope we get some gameplay at E3.

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