EA Withdrawing Non-Rented Battlefield 3 Servers

Venturebeat is reporting that EA are gradually pulling pretty much every ‘official’ Battlefield 3 server, leaving only a few remaining amongst those that gamers have themselves ‘rented’ as a means of playing the game online.

Renting a server costs $30 a month, and once you have control over one you can set your own rules. Thankfully, most of them are still open for others to join freely, even if the rules (and hosts) might not always be to your taste.


“Initially there were plenty of official DICE and EA servers running concurrently with the new private servers,” says the article, “however, console players have noticed the official servers disappearing, to the point where DICE-managed servers are no longer visible.”

Users are understandably annoyed.

“I haven’t played in over two weeks because of it,” said one in a question and answer session on Reddit, “abusive admins and 2000% ticket servers are everywhere and I can’t seem to find a normal server with vanilla BF3.”

Conquest mode, the mode that set up Battlefield, appears to be almost completely absent on the few remaining official servers.

Something tells me the rental system really took off, starting making lots of money and then EA saw there was little reason to keep the free, public servers running.

But perhaps I’m just being a cynical old fogey.



  1. Surely not EA, but they’re an award winning company!!!


  2. FUCK OFF EA! Sorry for that outburst but the fecking game hasn’t even been out for a fecking year!

    So what the fuck is the online pass needed for then EA? It can’t be server costs as you’ve thrown that excuse out of the frecking window.

    Looks like i will never ever be getting BF3 then. It’s a bloody good thing i didn’t get it yesterday otherwise i would have raged.

    So, DLC that consists of content that has been cut of the game, forcing Bioware to rush DA2, and online passes are not enough for you EA? No, let’s punish our users by chucking the free servers away and replace them with rented ones. That’s a bloody good plan, if you want people to never touch any of your games again. Well done EA.*claps slowly*

  3. Oh, you know that dlc I was going to buy? Changed my mind! Finding a decent server is hard enough now, and they’re making it harder? Oh well it was fun while it lasted anyway!

  4. Oh the problems we have on meets with rented servers, if the game doesnt last an hour and a half then its the admins kicking us or spliting us up puropsly. They must really be making a killing on these rented servers, i think if they a removing all non rented serversd then we should get the option of free P2P severs for those that dont feel like paying just to play the game without being abused by server admins.

  5. Good thing is i haven’t bought BF3 yet (Even it’s cheap i won’t get it) and the sad news is i’m going to officially changing my hate towards to BF and EA.

  6. What little hope I had of buying Battlefield 3 in the future has just been lost. EA better come out with an apology for this, or at least let us know what is going on, else I may reconsider buying any EA game again.

  7. WTF EA. It’s hard enough to find a decent server as it is and the only decent ones were the official ones. You do sometimes get a good server but 9/10 time its some twattish 12 year old who doesn’t like getting beat. Bad move.

  8. one silver lining though.

    with all the pissed off players leaving the game, i might be able to pick up a preowned copy cheap to see if the campaign is any good. ^_^

    • I know I’m in a minority but I went through both the campaign for this and MW3 on my bro’s xbox over chrimbo and thought BF’s was vastly superior to MW3’s. Far less stupid.

  9. Well f##k you EA money grabbin b#####ds i loved battlefield and hated on COD well this has completly changed my mind MW3 FTW oh and i hope blops2 destroys warfighter.

    Rant over wrll i geiss thats me not gettin a platinum.

  10. Hey I just bought you,
    And this is crazy,
    But there’s no severs,
    So rent one maybe.

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