EA Withdrawing Non-Rented Battlefield 3 Servers

Venturebeat is reporting that EA are gradually pulling pretty much every ‘official’ Battlefield 3 server, leaving only a few remaining amongst those that gamers have themselves ‘rented’ as a means of playing the game online.

Renting a server costs $30 a month, and once you have control over one you can set your own rules. Thankfully, most of them are still open for others to join freely, even if the rules (and hosts) might not always be to your taste.


“Initially there were plenty of official DICE and EA servers running concurrently with the new private servers,” says the article, “however, console players have noticed the official servers disappearing, to the point where DICE-managed servers are no longer visible.”

Users are understandably annoyed.

“I haven’t played in over two weeks because of it,” said one in a question and answer session on Reddit, “abusive admins and 2000% ticket servers are everywhere and I can’t seem to find a normal server with vanilla BF3.”

Conquest mode, the mode that set up Battlefield, appears to be almost completely absent on the few remaining official servers.

Something tells me the rental system really took off, starting making lots of money and then EA saw there was little reason to keep the free, public servers running.

But perhaps I’m just being a cynical old fogey.



  1. Ummm wow.

    • Oh, it’s EA… they’ll be along in a couple of days to tell us it was a ‘mistake’

      • I sure hope so, because this is absolute garbage.

      • well no. there never was any officel servers on pc and dice said a few months back that this was the plan

      • the mistake was anybody buying an ea game in the first place.

    • this is unbelievable…it really is.

      Along with the fact its hard enough finding a game thats is “normal” this is now going to be an end for Battlefield for me. I only play EA servers because rented ones are become ridiculous, people boot you if your too good, good players swapped to admins team etc…

      Really poor for customers of Battlefield, infact I would go along and say EA can shuve any future games up their backsides if this is true….

      VERY disappointed.

  2. What, even Dice servers are going? Give me back my online pass, tossers.

    • Hear hear! This is disgusting.

      • Agreed. It’s one thing doing this from the start of a new game, but (to my knowledge) them
        adding rentable servers was an addition to the current service and was not mentioned prior to the games’ release and as such they should honour the service which was available at release, especially seeing as it’s a very popular (MP) AAA title that hasn’t been out for much more than 6 months, and has an online pass. This is disgusting.

      • I also wonder how Sony feel about this since PSN is advertised as Free. No wonder the new PS3 bundle comes with MW3 and not BF3 :/

        To make things worse they’ll probably pull the last “free” servers before the CQ DLC so people who pay for that (and aren’t aware of the server costs) will then have to pay again to play the DLC. Nice job EA.

      • well it’s still free to play on the servers, it’s just those servers are pretty much unregulated from what i’ve read.
        stupid rules and getting banned for beating the admin are just a couple of the stories about them.
        so i don’t think there’s anything sony could do about it, even if they wanted to.

      • Sure, there’s nothing Sony can do, it’s not up to them, but I just wonder what their thoughts are.

        Oh really, I got the impression there weren’t going to be any public ones to play on. Pretty much the same thing if any ones left are unplayable anyway.

      • According to this, you got the right impression that there won’t be any public servers to play on, but rented servers can still be open to the public, so you can still play in those & it won’t cost anything bar the initial cost of the game (& an online pass if bought preowned).

        The only problem then though is that you are under the scrutiny of the admin, who may be a 12 year old who simply cannot bear to lose & therefore changes the rules of the game & the teams to suit them.

        Is it really too much to ask for a couple of official servers with official rules?

    • Hobocastro, I am going to an official complaint and demand my money back or vouchers or something. This is poor customer service and not what I paid my money for.

  3. I wonder how EA will try to justify the online pass now?

  4. Really?
    I don’t have BF3 but I find this hard to believe.
    Is it possible they just let the chaps in charge of the PSN maintenance take over the servers? :P

    Seriously though, if this is true, it’s a ridiculously bad move from EA, this is still their flagship shooter!
    And the thing I don’t understand is, I’m sure they’re still very profitable, it’s not like they absolutely need to cut costs as the moment!

    • its not hard to believe at all with EA/DICE and BF3, they seemed to make any possible fuck up come true. Its near to impossible finding an EA server as it is, so I guess they thought, sod it, lets save some money…..AGAIN !

      • I hate to see people blame DICE, then call them EA servers. They are EA’s servers and hence DICE will have had no say in wether or not they are taken down. It’s EA’s fault not DICE’s.

  5. I never really bother with onlione shooters. I’ve only been arsed to be active with Warhawk and Uncharted 2 but this is bad.. renting servers, really? does that mean I have to pay for it or does someone just put it up then its available for anyone?

    Well.. I am thoughtless, its a weird thing to me.

    • Whoever rents it does what they want, either has it open or for friends… whatever. They tend to be extremely ban-happy though.

    • Wow thats bad

  6. I have noticed this, and I’m pretty fucking annoyed by it. It’ll seriously be my last BF game, despite how much I love the series, if they don’t fix it soon: abusive admins often kick me as I kill them often and the situation needs to be remedied.

    • This is why I left BF2. Got ridiculous. And you can’t report it to anyone. It’ll be a sorry state if everyone can only play with other they know. BF2 was basically clan matches against other clans to get games.

    • The actually kick you for beating them? How childish!

      • Oh yes, we had one game where anyone with a TSA tag got kicked (due to killing the admin or members of the admins team too many times) & those that remained with a high score got moved onto their team just before the end of the match so they could win.

        Some are really quite ridiculous.

      • OMG, it’s a wonder people still play the game! That’s a bit like the hacking was on MW2, do these admins/hackers not realise they won’t have anyone to play against if they keep doing it. And admin activity reports should be looked at if they are only kicking certain people. I’ll stop playing online games if paying for servers becomes the norm.

  7. Ok, that’s basically ensured my copy of BF3 gets traded in toward Starhawk.

  8. that is bang out of order.

  9. Well if true this marks a new low…

    Makes an absolute nonsense of the whole online pass thing too.

  10. What the hell. Seriously EA? Damn, and I honestly thought you couldn’t sink any lower. Freaking idiots.

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