Play Expo Coming to Manchester in October

Gaming expos are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Last year saw the Eurogamer Expo grow to the biggest it has ever been, with this September’s show set to be an even bigger event.

We also saw GAMEFest, in Birmingham last September, give consumers their first chance to play many upcoming games but with the retailer’s recent troubles and no GAMEFest details announced yet for 2012, there might be a place for another expo to pop up and offer an EGX alternative.


Enter, Play Expo. Coming to Manchester on the weekend of October 13th-14th, the organisers are hoping to celebrate all aspects of modern gaming. With time and space dedicated to the latest games on the latest platforms alongside freeplay arcade cabinets, pinball machines and retro consoles and computers they seem to be offering something quite different from Eurogamer’s dealings with the biggest publishers and PR companies.

Play Expo has also signed a partnership with EGL, a leading eSports promoter who will be streaming events from the expo to its worldwide audience of up to 500,000. Pro gaming is one end of the spectrum but Play Expo is also promising plenty of attention on cosplaying too, with talks and masquerades to encourage the country’s best cosplayers to get involved.

It all sounds like an interesting weekend and it’s nice to see an event outside of London and outside of the usual media partnership and massive publisher deals that get tied up for Eurogamer’s event and for GAME’s offering last year. This sounds like it might be more of a celebration of gaming than a sales pitch.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow and more info is available via the Play Expo website.



  1. This event has been held in Blackpool for at least the last 2 years and I went to both, a really good day out and with it expanding and taking up more space it could be really interesting. Lots of retro and arcade gaming on offer.
    My highlight was having a conversation with Iain Lee about his attempts at playing Steel Battalion with its ridiculous controls.

    • yeah, it’s from the same people who have been hosting the Blackpool events but from what I can gather, this is something of a relaunch with a larger focus. Sounds really cool though.

  2. Im going, for 8 quid its gotta be worth a laugh.

  3. Tempted to journey down for this one.

  4. I’ll be there again this year. I’ll be helping out on the Atari section ‘Fuji Nation’ So if you spot a bald Brummie, that’s likely to be me! Be great to meet some TSA guys/gals that weekend :)

  5. Just been looking it up, it does sound to be a grander event than the blackpool effort I may have to travel over for the day

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