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Apparently Sony Has Something Big, Unannounced for Vita at E3

Michael Pachter, love him or loathe him, knows more about unannounced games than you or I do. Like it or not, he’s constantly talking to the business guys at all the major platform holders, the most connected journalists in the US and the retailers holding stock space and buying power for big games. He’s prone to the odd sweeping statement about our favourite hobby but he’s certainly well connected. So, when he says there’s something big and unannounced on the way, it’s worth expending a bit of excitement.

E3 is only a few short weeks away and with Microsoft focussing on services rather than games and Nintendo poised to explain exactly what we can expect from their new hardware, Sony are likely to be all about the games. We know they’ve got Vita to push hard, and God knows they need to push that thing hard. So what’s to be expected?

Well, Michael Pachter knows something we don’t, apparently. He’s been on Geoff Keighley’s latest Bonus Round show as part of a panel discussing what might happen at the huge entertainment expo and he said that he’s excited for “one big title on the Vita that hasn’t been announced yet”. It’s just one quick comment and Keighley didn’t push him on it, as you might expect but Pachter did respond to his joke about it being Agent by refuting that possibility.

So, we know there’s probably going to be at least one… we hope for – and expect much, much more for the Vita though, given its drowsy awakenings at retail and Sony’s need to hit a big second wave of releases. What might we see for the handheld platform?

Well, Sony has been incredibly strong with first party titles in the past couple of years and the Vita hasn’t had an inFamous or a God of War yet. It’s also still missing a serious racer so Gran Turismo might be worth hoping for. Perhaps we’ll see one of those. Perhaps it’s the dream GTA project many have hoped for or something else from a third party that would entice more of the hardcore to lay down their cash.

Whatever Pachter’s unannounced title is, it’s surely only the tip of the iceberg for Sony’s E3 presentation and everyone here is just starting to let themselves get a little excited for what might come out of Los Angeles in June.

Source: Bonus Round, via GAF


  1. “Michael Pachter knows something”

    i recognise the words, but in that particular combination they just don’t seem to make sense. o_O

    i’m going to make my own prediction.

    this big unannounced game will be distinctly underwhelming.

  2. Cross game ch……

    -troll face-

    • Vita already has it.

      -fanboi face-

    • Already has it… *squints* /not sure if irony intentional

    • I know guys….. :P

  3. I want a full fledged Final Fantasy game on the Vita…
    That and Phantasy Star Online 2. Shame they pinned the release to 2013… I could live with a sooner date.

    • Like Final Fantasy X HD?
      That seems pretty full-fledged to me.

      • I want a completely new Final Fantasy experience… AND X HD! :D

      • X HD already confirmed for this year isn’t it?

  4. I’m hoping the Vita will get a price cut and a shift in games being developed. Sure, have the big hitters but Sony must surely realise that people on the move really don’t want a meaty game most of the time. Sure, maybe 20% of the time but most of our gaming wants are bite-sized offerings that we don’t need to commit to, too much.

  5. I’m thinking something from EA actually, maybe a Dice FPS or a Criterion driving game.

  6. If they’d just release a decent AAA title that could be played on both Vita and PS3 I’m sure that would bring people in. An RPG would be my personal request.

  7. Maybe an app that allows you to play ps3 games remotely on the vita at the small sum of £7.99 per game perhaps? :O

    • I don’t know how many times this has been mentioned- it’s ALREADY there.
      The capability is built into the Vita, but it’s up to developers (and copyright owners- not just publishers either, if for example, they obtained a licence to have playback a song in a PS3 game, they might need another for the Vita) to enable it.
      Some can be played right now- Peggle, Pixeljunk, Lair and a small number of others can be remote played on both Vita and PSP.

      I’d like Sony to make it a priority in future though, especially for games that they’re publishing. They seem to be doing it for 3D, so why not enable this bit too?

      • Yes, it can be enabled unofficially on a ps3 with custom firmware, and minis & psp titles can be remotely played, but we haven’t seen the fully fledged ps3 blockbuster or psn title (battlefield 1943 or journey anyone?) officially remotely played or heard any further news of such. I was being sarcastic with the app and charge, but you never say never with these things, look how the second hand market has brought about the online pass!

  8. Surely this will be Call of Duty Vita? Love it or hate it its pretty big and has been talked about for a while without an official announcement.

  9. I hope is GT! I was really in need of something good to play in 2015!

    • Sounds rather quick!

      • Yeah, I guess I’m rushing things a bit :P…

        No pb, I’m sure we’ll be busy with Diablo 5 until the next GT launches…

  10. I hope

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