Activision Pay Out $42 Million To West, Zampella & Chums

Gamasutra is reporting that Activision has paid $42 million to the ‘group representing former Infinity Ward heads Vince West and Jason Zampella.’

The money paid out is not ‘a settlement or an admission of guilt’ and the trial is still going ahead, begining May 29th.


The $42 million is only a ‘small portion’ of what West, Zampella and chums are seeking.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. wow

  2. W&Z are asking for the moon on a stick.

    Activision are saying this is the bonus etc they owe the employees in the studio. W&Z’s lawyers counter-claim this is just one particular bonus for one particular period on one particular game (mw2) not the entirety of what they’re owed.

    The rest will be played out before our eyes in court.

  3. Good cod, that’s a lot of money even in these Modern times. West and Zampella have been at war fare ages and it only seems right they’ve finally been given their financial dues.

  4. Sounds like they are trying to convince West and Zampella to not go ahead with the court case.

    Would be the biggest shock in the industry if Acti lost the rights to COD.

    Will the court case cause BlOPS 2 to be delayed due to legal reasons?

    • probably not, however the next cod was meant to be the future one not blops 2. apparently they pushed it forward due to this case.

    • The rights to COD are not up for debate. Activision own COD. End of story.

      • Well they may not if west, zambella and EA win.

      • Not all CoD rights, but West and Zampella do have a claim on any CoD games set post Vietnam (including near/distant future).

        If the court case somehow gained traction all of a sudden, they could try to block the release of the Black Ops 2, and the weird thing is that they might actually have a shot.

      • AFIK The only claim W&Z have is whether they own the royalty rights to Call of Duty releases set in modern or future settings, not the call of duty brand itself.

        If a game is released under the CoD brand that does have a modern or future setting then IW (as was) have a right to receive payments, which would be percentage that doesn’t appear to be determined.

        I have not seen a backed up claim that they are entitled to CoD itself, or even Modern Warfare for that matter, just payments of some unknown amount should it be set in the present or the future.

      • i should of been clearer, its not cod there looking to, just the modern warfare name off of activision (at least that’s my understanding, cc seems to think differently)

      • that as well as a large amount of unpaid royalties (I’ve heard its $125m) and to stop anyone but iw releasing a post Vietnam call of duty game.

      • Seemed to initially be claiming the Modern Warfare name, but from that bit of paper that was leaked & linked to in the comment above it seems they can only claim payments should a game with the CoD brand be released in a modern or future setting.

  5. COD is a Infinity Ward game, just give the COD brand back to the old IW and Blops 2 is violating the agreement by doing a future COD.

    MW series was already set in the future. I hope Z&W win the COD brand and go independent.

    • CoD doesn’t seem to be any longer, the rights to modern & future settings under the CoD brand /may/ belong to IW depending if the memorum of understanding was legally binding, they aren’t always.
      You can’t know something that hasn’t been decided in court yet.

      And I wouldn’t call being wedged up EA’s ass independent. If so we can look forward to future Modern Warfare games coming with online passes, dlc stuff, something like battlefield premium & $30/month servers… Yeah, that’s a great win for gamers

      • there likely be a whole load of innovation too.

      • What, like happens in Treyarch’s releases?

      • i was thinking more like frostbite 2.

  6. “A small portion” of what they want? Greedy.

    • Ask for $400m and get €40m is a result in my book. Demand less and they’ll ‘settle’ for less. Who wouldn”t want to take those activison guys for every red cent?! Enjoy cod but could live without it as getting little stale now.

  7. Haha – A quick glance at the title was not my friend – i thoguht it said “Activision Pay Out $42 Million To West, Zampella & Chumps

  8. £42 million, flippin heck!! Imagine just having that sitting in your account for a few days, think of all the Haribo sweets you could buy….

    • Enough tangfastic to take your head clean off! Yes please.

  9. Interesting, especially the bit about it not being a settlement or an admission of guilt. Can’t wait to hear all about what really went down.

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