The Last Guardian Still “Being Developed”

Let’s face it, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian is either in development limbo, or it’s been quietly cancelled. It’s been years since the first reveal and we’ve not seen anything on it for ages.

Hope is not all lost, though. Jim Reilly, news editor for Game Informer, has at least had word from Sony regarding the game.


“The Last Guardian continues to be developed,” said the publisher, “however we have no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3.”

I’m now thinking it’s been pushed back to PS4.



  1. Or maybe it has been released and Sony just didn’t tell anyone….

  2. If it’s not gonna be stellar, cancel it please Sony.

  3. Its coming for PS4, I bet they announce it along with that.

  4. damn there goes my e3 bingo ..
    had all my numbers based around the last guardian

  5. I hope TLG won’t end up like DNF. :S

    I wonder if it is the engine that is causing the delays or if they keep getting more ideas for it and have delayed it in order to implement them?

    I really hope it doesn’t end up getting cancelled.

  6. There’s still TGS, let us cling together in hope!

  7. Slowly giving up on it after the hypeometer swallowed me whole, almost clawed my way out now.

  8. Or it could be the PS3’s swansong just like SotC.

  9. Wake me whenevers it out..zz

  10. There’s a whiff of Duke of this!

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