Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Will Have DLC – First Pack From THPS 3

[videoyoutube]Heavenly. The game I’m most looking forward to this year will see its seven course download bolstered by additional DLC.

“We can confirm that there WILL be downloadable content for THPS HD coming after release,” says the game’s official Facebook page, “and the first batch will be levels from Pro Skater 3!”


“However, the exact levels haven’t been decided yet, so Activision, Robomodo, and Tony Hawk himself want to hear from the fans to help determine the final content.”

“So please,” it says, “comment below on which levels from THPS3 are your favorite and explain why! The Birdman himself will make the final call on what is ultimately included.”

You can tell Mr Hawk that the correct answers are Canada, Los Angeles, Airport and Skater Island. Oh, and the revert and flatland moves. As I’ve said before.




  1. Yes! omg… Rio so much memories.

  2. The video was amazing, I have a massive grin on my face, thanks Nofi! It brilliantly epitomises the incredibly impressive and absolutely mental brain-hand coordination that represents totally non-transferrable but still incredibly astounding games skillz. Thats right, I used a ‘z’ at the end of skills, thats how amazed I am. Wow.

    Did I use enough superlatives? Probably not. Oh and my vote is for Skate Heaven.

  3. Fantastic, but it’s pointless for me personally seeing as I’ll just be playing the Hangar over and over and over again.

    • School was my favourite level, could literally do a laps of the place in one combo back in the day. The memories are soooooo sweet!

  4. If the DLC proves to be a success I would hope for even more, maybe a few levels from THPS4 as well. Really looking forward to this though.
    If they brought out a HD version of Undergroud my life would be complete.

    • An HD version of underground would make my year. I still have the disc but its broken D:

  5. EARTHQUAKE!!! Oh man that brought back so many good memories watching that vid. Personally I love the cruise ship level. Properly psyched for this!!

  6. Epic….

  7. This was the last THPS game I played, would be great to see the levels included. I’m really glad they are keeping the music as well. I can’t remember any of the names, but I liked the smelting/industrial level at the end and the one set in an airport best, though the town and cruise ship were also good.

  8. Still have THPS2 on PS1 but my brain is wired to play Skate now, can’t get the 1,000,000+ combos any more ;b

  9. If only real skating was this epic….

    • Street League in Kansas this weekend should be pretty ‘epic’. Matt Miller, Ishod, Tom Asta, Bastien all gonna kill it.

  10. With the exception of Airport and LA, the levels on THPS3 were pretty shitty, imo. I still want NY and Philly from THPS2!

    • Pah. Skater Island was awesome.

      • Was never a fan of any of the skatepark levels, bar Marseille. Was annoying hitting driveways/pyramids and always clearing them by 100ft.

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