Ubisoft Planning Seven Titles For Wii U Launch

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has spoken to investors following the release of the company’s financial report.

One of those points has been that Ubisoft will have five casual titles and two core titles ready for the Wii U’s launch. Yves Guillemot also teased that at E3 Ubisoft will unveil an  “unannounced major franchise.”


Guillemot also spoke about development costs and said that new generations are followed by increases in costs, but he felt that Ubisoft would make up for those costs in online and free to play income, including Settlers Online and Ghost Recon Online.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz



  1. Oh you, Ubisoft. Whatcha planning? Crappy ports? Crappy shovelware? Over-priced iOS games by a factor of 40? WHO KNOWS?!

  2. 4 of them will be ports, 1 of them will be Gameloft shovelware. Probably…

  3. Still not excited bout Wii U. If I’m honest….PS4 release date will determine whether I give it a go mes thinks….

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