Grab Some Free Max Payne 3 Multiplayer DLC

I don’t know about you lot, but my weekend was mostly consumed by Max Payne 3’s high octane, bullet-dodging multiplayer component. Mixing well-trodden conventions with Rockstar’s house brand of third person action sets it apart from the norm with the unique burst system and the non-intrusive inclusion of bullet time.


If you’re keen to get the jump on your online adversaries, Rockstar already has you covered with its first free content pack. Titled “Gorilla Warfare” the multiplayer pack comes with three items for your competitive loadouts. The first, a somewhat bizarre-looking gorilla mask, rewards additional points to the burst meter every time you melee another play from behind.

For those looking to make a quick dime, the Gold Coin item will be just as useful, granting additional funds for looting players’ bodies. On the flipside, Gorilla Warfare also unlocks the Booby Trap, a deadly item that will deal massive damage to any enemy players scavenging from your corpse.



  1. Thanks for the heads up :) I too was glued to this game for most of the weekend, though I must admit I’ve been jumping between single player and online at regular invervals as I’m enjoying both parts equally. Terrific game, easily one my favourites.

  2. I spent my weekend completing the campaign. TSA your review is spot on and cant understand how some critics gave this game a 7.

    9 all the way!

  3. Had my first blast online last night and I enjoyed it immensely. Check out the meets forum and let me know times/days so we can get a meet on the go.

  4. Any info on when/how this is going to be made available? Please tell me it’s not something you’re going to need Facebook to get

    • PSN now.

      • Ta :) Used to having to jump through hoops for this sort of thing.

  5. Loving the multiplayer on this. Is this what the patch is about?

  6. You can find it easily by loading the game & then going through to the store in game ;)

  7. there are not many dlc’s for it but it is a amazing game

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