LittleBigPlanet Vita Beta Emails Going Out

We’ve heard from a couple of people that beta emails for LittleBigPlanet on Vita have gone out this afternoon – containing a download code for the game.


You’ll remember the process that we detailed a week or so back – well, now it looks like people are being selected, although it’s clear not everyone that applied will get in.

As we said back in January when we last played the game, this portable marvel plays brilliantly and mirrors the big console versions much better than the PSP game did, so hopes are high.

We’ve not got a code, so have no idea what the NDA is like, but if anyone gets one they don’t want or need let us know.



  1. I hope people make good use of it and report any bugs, I really want it to be as good has Littlebigplanet 2.

  2. I haven’t received anything yet. Keeping my fingers crossed

  3. Hoping to get a code, was a joy to play it on the Vita last year and it’s one game I’ve been waiting for on the Vita.

  4. Just got my email! Can’t wait!

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