Flappy Bird Finds New Life In LittleBigPlanet Vita

The Flappy Bird saga was an interesting one with it finding huge success but then removed by creator Dong Nguyen for various reasons. It got such a huge following so quickly that when news came it was to go there was quite a lot of outcry by fans. It’s led to people putting their phones on auction sites with copies of the game, some listings starting at £2000 and one even ending yesterday with the final bid for £8000, though that has to be a joke.

So someone has seen that people still want the game and has recreated it in LittleBigPlanet Vita. The creator is SimSim16 who has made the game available to the public. It will be interesting to see if this is challenged by the original creator, or if it will be allowed to continue to exist. This does just go to show the  amazing scope for creation in LittleBigPlanet. If you fancy downloading it then you can click here.

Source: Youtube


  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool what LBP is capable of. Well done to the creator.

    And well done to the creator of Flappy Bird, managing to get $50,000 a day for in-game advertising, from what appears to be the shitest game ever.

  2. somebody did a version in Minecraft as well.
    and i expect somebody will find a way to create a version in Project Spark before long too.

    when something’s that popular, it’s inevitable people will try to emulate it in these sort of titles.

  3. I’ve never played Flappy Bird, how close is this to the original?

    • Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  4. Was that all the game was? I’ve never seen a video of it before. It looks rubbish.

  5. What a rubbish game, no wonder the creator had enough and took it down! People really need to move on and forget about this now. Always frustrating when an industry gets so distracted by something that is so poor quality and not even worth a second glance. The one positive is the original didn’t try to rip people off with micro transactions like so many other phone apps do.

  6. Tbf it is frustratingly addictive, its something you can play whilst pissing time up the wall

  7. Must say I loved Flappy Bird. Annoyed at myself for deleting it. It’s not really a game is it? Addictive, challenging and free – what’s not to love?

    Don’t see why people got so pissed off by it. If you don’t like it don’t play it. Even if it hadn’t been removed from the store its fame would of lasted only a few weeks at best. Just look at the likes of Temple Run.

  8. I completely missed the Flappy Bird drama, can anyone tell the story for those of us without our fingers on the pulse?

  9. Sony should buy the rights and make Flappy Bird a Vita exclusive. Sales will skyrocket.

    Seriously though, that’s some effort by SimSim16. Some very talented people on LBP.

    Hope they bring LBP to PS4 at some point.

  10. Flappy Bird, the most over hyped pos tbh. It’s not even a game.

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