Redesigned Wii-U Tablet Gets Analog Sticks

A QA tester at Travellers Tales Games has been rather indiscreet and is probably looking for a new job right now as he tweeted a picture of a redesigned Wii U tablet controller.

The tweet has since been deleted but Joystiq managed to grab the image before it was removed.

The circular analog pads previously seen on the Wii U controller have been replaced with analog sticks so the new pad looks like, well, a giant white PlayStation Vita.

Anyone else think it’s going to be very awkward to hold the pad and use the sticks when they are at the very top of the device?

Source: Joystiq



  1. I’m sure the rear of the device will be contoured to make it easier to hold and as long as the centre of gravity is in front of the heal of the hands that won’t be a problem either.

  2. I’ve seen this posted on nearly every gaming site, all just copying from each other like Chinese whispers, saying its the “redesigned” controller… but rumour has it that this is actually an earlier dev kit controller, the final design is more akin to what was shown at last year’s E3.

  3. Having been used to all analogue sticks underneath the D-Pad and Action buttons, it will take some serious “getting used to”
    I can understand that they want to innovate, but this just looks awkward

  4. 360’s left stick is at the top. It’s perfect.

    This isn’t the final Wii U controller, but whatever Nintendo do (apart from the 3DS) it’ll fit perfectly. The Gamecube controller was – and is – a triumph.

    • Forgot about the 360, but that is why I can’t get on with it I think. It just feel uncomfortable IMO

      • When I first went from PS2 to 360 I thought it was uncomfortable but now it is a perfect shape and feel, I get cramp if I play a PS3 for too long.

    • Yes but the right stick is also at the top. Personaly don’t like the button layout at all.

      • Don’t diss it till you try it. I might get the Wii U as I don’t have a Wii, I just hope it remains Backwards Compatible with GameCube games.

    • This thing is a bit bigger than the 360 controller though.

    • Still the most comfortable controller IMO, they really did a great job with that one.

  5. i think i’d prefer them at the top, i’ve played plenty of handhelds that had all the controls at the bottom.
    let me tell you i’ve never found it comfortable playing when i’ve had to hold my thumbs nearly bent double to play the game and hold the machine at the same time.

    put them further in or further up, just let me play with my thumbs mostly straight and it’s for more comfortable.
    especially if you’re playing for a while.

    playing that psp katamari game nearly bloody crippled me. O_O

    and i’m glad they’ve got proper analog sticks instead of those things that looked like the psp nub.
    because that thing was awful for any kind of fine control.

    • I have long term PSP nub related injuries too, its good to see the nub is nublonger on the Weeoo!

  6. That looks like it’s going to be very uncomfortable to use and suspect it will cause hand cramp. At least they won’t be releasing a god awful 2nd analog stick add on. :)

    Think you may end up pressing the X button by mistake due to how close it is to the stick. :S

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