First Party Vita Games Drop To £12 On PSN

Permit, if you will, a mere nugget of a news story, but it looks like a few first party PS Vita games have dropped in price on the PSN Store.

Have a look: Everybody’s Golf, ModNation Racers, and Reality Fighters are now £11.99.


That’s some excellent pricing and a rather sneaky stealth sale from SCEE – exactly the sort we like.

Via Twitter.



  1. No thanks! I can’t afford a memory card!

  2. Everybody’s Golf?


    • Same. I don’t even like golf, but for that price

      • It’s really fun. I’ve loved the challenges as well. They can be frustrating but you will keep trying. You won’t be able to help yourself :p

      • Peter far too generously gave me the Japanese version, but I a) want it always on my memory card, and b) can’t handle all the Japanese, sadly.

    • Nearly bought this earlier today, glad I didn’t.

    • Yeah everybody should pick up Everybody’s Golf for that price. What a bargain.

  3. Everybody’s Golf is excellent. And by the way – it’s currently £27.49 on Amazon. So £12 is a definite bargain.

    • I payed £29.99 for this from PS Store on Sunday. Call me gutted. I did have a feeling the prices would drop soon.

      • Yeah i paid full whack at launch, but £30 wasn’t a bad price, so meh.

  4. Is this an error or is it a sale?

    • Surely can’t make the same error on 3 different games, in pounds AND Euroes?

  5. Love to see a drop on Wipeout. Might give Modnation a look tho.

  6. I’ve already got Everybodys golf and Modnation :( Good prices for those who haven’t got them yet

  7. Nice sale, but the only one i’d be interested in is Modnation Racers, and it lags :l

    • It doesn’t really take too much away from the racing though to be fair and it hasn’t happened too much for me

      • Hmm, ill give it another try :3

    • Demo seemed to be fine.

  8. I got Mortal Kombat instead of Modnation… holy shit, funny stuff. Looks like I’ll have to buy a PSN card for these depending if they’re sales.

    Good thing if its actually permanent, Reality Fighters isn’t worth its RRP.

    • Yh mortal kombat vitality is fun, I play it none stop but I seem to struggle to find anyone play with online here in America, I will wait til I get back uk to play online

    • I picked up Reality Fighters from CEX for £12 a few weeks ago and it is easily worth that. While the fighting isn’t hugely deep, there is just enough to sink your quarter-circles into. Plus varied and novel fight styles, a huge range of customization options, weapons and special items to use and the AR features. While not for the hardcore fighting enthusiasts, it is a great fun little game that I would recommend to anyone with a casual interest in fighting games.

      Feel free to add me on PSN if anyone does get it. I’m the proton pack wielding samurai zombie ;-)

  9. Hmmm. Can’t see any of those titles on the store now via my PS3.

  10. My mistake. I was looking at top sellers, not all games. Superb price for EG, not too interested in the other two. I’m still holding off for a reduction on wipeout and lumines.

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