38 Studios’ Project Copernicus Screens Leaked

38 Studios’ Project Copernicus is the struggling studio’s MMO project, which is set in the Kingdom of Amalur world, and it appears someone has leaked screens to get support for the company.

The screens themselves show three races from the MMO. These races are the Dverga, Almain & Jottun. It still remains to be seen if Project Copernicus will actually release considering the studio is in serious trouble paying back loans, or paying staff.


Project Copernicus is also using the same taxpayer funds that Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning did for its development, so this project is likely to become a major political issue in the state of Rhode Island, at least.

Source: GameThirst



  1. Hopefully 38 will pull through, or at least someone will take Copernicus off their hands and finish it. I imagine it has been in development for a long time now.

    Compared to Kingdoms of Amalur, although set in the same universe, it definitely looks a lot better. Wouldn’t have through Jottun would be a playable race.

  2. i suppose they counted on Kingdoms of Amalur revenue keeping them afloat for working on this.

    looks nice, would be a shame if it disappeared

  3. Looks good, and I wish the studio the best of luck. But I’m not interested in an RPG MMO, they’re too time consuming and I despise monthly payments.

  4. I like the graphical style. It looks very nice. Hopefully this game will see the light of day.
    Jottun as a playable race? Seems weird…

  5. Hope this eventually sees the light of day and 38 can get through their money woes. Any platform announced for this?

    • PC exclusive I’d say. Sounds to be your typical EQ/WOW-style MMO which could never work on consoles without keyboard/mouse compatibility.

  6. I hope they pull through but I don’t like the look of those screens. I probably wouldn’t play this.

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