Confirmed: Pro Skater HD Enters Xbox 360 Summer Of Arcade

As we said this morning, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD’s release date – middle of July – puts it firmly within the realm of Xbox’s Summer Of Arcade.

Well, that’s officially now the case – THSP HD will be part of the Summer Of Arcade deal for 2012, which probably pretty much makes it Xbox 360 exclusive – at least for a timed period. We’ll await 100% confirmation on this.


Other games in the promotion include Hybrid, Deadlight, Wreckateer and Dust: An Elysian Tale.



  1. Well that’s bad news.

  2. *sniggers*
    didnt see that coming..loloololololo..
    thanks gatesy!

  3. that sucks :(

  4. Bloody timed exclusives. I’m going to find the wait for this quite painful!

  5. fanboy is such a crude word i like *expressed preference*
    i have both ps and xbox just prefer my xbox..

  6. This will probably hurt PS3 sales alot. This game definitely dropped down a few spots on my priority list.

  7. gutted. really wanted this game asap.

  8. Yyyyyeah, I’m not getting this on 360. I grew up playing them on Playstation.

  9. If it is a timed exclusive, I really hope it’s not for too long. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer but it it’s going to be something like a few months I may pass on it.

  10. This makes trollmonster a sad panda.

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