EA Acquire UFC Licensing

Announced moments ago at their E3 conference, EA has acquired the licensing for future UFC games. This means that future games in the mixed martial arts fighter franchise will be published by EA rather than THQ, as previously. This is most likely due to THQ’s recent financial troubles.

Dana White himself came on stage at EA’s conference and talked about how excited he was that future games would be under the EA Sports banner. It’s quite a change considering the previous rivalry between THQ’s UFC franchise and EA’s own EA Sports MMA game. Whether EA will continue with its own EA Sports MMA IP is unknown, but probably very unlikely.


There are no details about the future games other than EA’s acquisition. Let’s hope they stick with Yuke’s as developer as the previous games in the franchise have been superb.



  1. Huge deal for both companies

  2. Makes sense for THQ. I’m assuming Rubin took a look at the books and immediately went: “Why are we fighting EA in this area? Let’s just sell them the licence. We can invest the money in other areas or just keep the lights on.”

    Smart move in my opinion.

  3. thq could now make an unlicensed MMA game now couldn’t they?

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