Sony Announces Wonderbook

Over in LA, Sony has revealed London Studio’s ‘Wonderbook’ for Move.

The game, which is actually more of an application, and was probably what those Storyteller rumblings not long ago were all about, sees the company using similar technology to that in EyePet (in combination with a book of AR cards) to bring pop-up story books to life.


As well as the original content in the game, Sony is also working with established content creators. Moonbot Studios, who have a grounding in tablet and other interactive storytelling, are working on ‘Digg’s Nightcrawler’, but more importantly, Sony is working with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling on ‘Miranda Goshawk’s Book of Spells’, a magical adventure book based on the franchise – as Rowling says herself, “Wonderbook: Book of Spells is the closest a Muggle can get to a real spellbook.”

The first Wonderbook titles will be released later this year, with more content extending into 2013.



  1. Looks a bit dull to me. I guess its aimed more at the kids. It is, however, a licence to print money seen as it has Harry Potter on it.

  2. i wanted to smash my Laptop up the most boring 10 minutes of my life would rather sit and listen to a Justin Bieber duet with Jedward on repeat then that

    • Lol I just muted the live stream and did a bit of web browsing until it was over.

    • You must have a very exciting life if that was the most boring ten minutes you’ve experienced.

  3. my kids are gonna go mental over this

  4. I can’t see this working at all, it’s too far removed from what a book should be, but not interesting enough to warrant being called a game. It just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, I can’t see people wanting to get their Wonderbook out for entertainment when they could just read a book/watch a film/play a game.

    Hope I’m wrong but it just seems pointless, having Rowling on board is a major boost though

  5. Can’t wait for this.
    Forget kids, I’m 21, grew up with Harry Potter and can’t wait!
    Getting Rowling to contribute what is essentially an exclusive Harry Potter book to PS3 and Move is unbelievably massive.

    You can’t complain they didn’t give Move a fair go now.

    • I’m 21 but after the first film in 2001(?), I didn’t watch or have any interest in HP until this year when I watched all of them within a day lol.

      It is aimed at kids though and the demo was soo boring, they shoulda had it in the beginning, get it over and done with and let the good stuff roll.

      Saying that, I grew up with Toy Story and Pokemon, I would buy Toy Story Move capable game on day 1 and all Pokemon games if I had a DS :/

      • The books had me even before the films, I’m incredibly psyched for this.
        As for Pokemon? Yup, I’d buy them all too.
        Maybe not Toy Story though- The Lion King? Definitely.

  6. This tipped me over the edge to buy Move again. With DUST514 too it’s been a good news day for Move.

    Me and the kids are big Potter fans but I doubt they’ll get a look in.

  7. There didn’t seem to be much reading going on. It seems more for kids but having a Harry Potter connection will please some.

  8. kids will love this.

    • & big kids :)

      • ;)

        While not particularly interested in Potter and his wand-waving shenanigans, I thought the tech looked brilliant and pretty exciting featuring some of the best immersion yet possible. What excited me most was the prospect of other types of games, perhaps some sort of sleuthing game. That would draw me right in.

      • Diggs Nightcrawler was announced- it’s a noire film based detective story, and being developed by Moonbot studios, who’ve won an oscar for “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” this year.

        I didn’t know they did games too.

  9. Aimed at the kids. Good game for them ^_^

  10. sounds a bit dull tbf,i was expecting more for move. one can still hope lol

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