Dust 514: Beta, Home and Vita

One notable omission from Sony’s E3 press conference was Dust 514.  As a game that is trying something different, both by being free-to-play and with its real-time links with the PC-based persistent universe of CCP’s EVE Online, not to mention the dedicated PS Vita app it’s receiving it is surprising that Sony made no mention of it.

Fortunately for those of us trying to keep up with the game’s developments a new post on the EU PS Blog feeds us some tasty morsels to keep us going.  First up is news of a new beta event starting on 29 June and running over that weekend.  A “big wave of invites” will be going out for that soon.  If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet you can do so here.


This is an example of the game play you can expect:

Users of PlayStation Home will be able to visit the DUST 514 space, a War Barge cantina in the EVE Universe, where you can learn about the game’s setting and win virtual stuff for your virtual Home.  More excitingly completing all the activities could earn you one of 10,000 codes to DUST 514’s closed beta.  Once they have all gone all is not lost as the space will stay live and they plan to offer more beta codes in the future.

Then there is the first news of what to expect from DUST 514’s companion PS Vita app, called the DUST 514: Neocom, which will focus on customisation, communication and trade.

Every character you use can be customized via DUST 514: Neocom, so you can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a ton of different dropsuits, weapons, vehicles, items and more.

You’ll also be able to use Neocom to access the in-game Mail system and Friends List, as well as use the Market to get new stuff for your character from the DUST 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game earned currency) or Aurum (purchased currency). DUST 514: Neocom is rolling out this year alongside DUST 514.

Though not normally into competitive online multi-player shooters, for some reason I am really excited for DUST 514.

How about you?



  1. Really enjoyed (been offline the past few days as I’ve not been at home though) the beta the past so far, got a few flaws but nothing which is gamebreaking for me. Cannot wait to get stuck into the full thing later this year (month?).

    • There is an update coming at the end of the month before the rest of PSN get a go. Hopefully most of the problems will be gone.

  2. Fuck me, if they can really make you feel the scale of EVE whilst you’re involved in the ground war it’s going to be astonishing.

    • It’s HUGE. Bigger than BF3.

      • Easily bigger than BF3. Feels like a full on war rather than a small skirmish.

      • Oh no, I meant the fact that even your battle isn’t the only thing. Like in that video when it zooms all the way out to the galactic view. If they can manage to convey that it’d be awesome. Good to hear it feels bit though.

      • It’s magic I think. Watched some of the Dev Diaries and CCP must have created a separate battle system for this. I’m tempted to jump into EVE online to see how it ties together.

  3. That’s not my experience of DUST514. Usually I’m running away from tanks.

    • I can use tanks now! :) At 50,000 ISK a pop though they aren’t exactly cheap to use, that’s before I add on any extras like more armour etc etc.
      My KD ratio is about 2, I do better on foot than in vehicles though (funnily enough, same in BF3).

  4. Trying to set up a meet guys if your interested :)

  5. I cannot wait for this, hope to get into the beta to test it out.

  6. Also, PS Move support is coming.

  7. That was a great trailer. Can’t wait for this

  8. Looking forward to having a go at this. Recently started playing EVE and I’m really enjoying it so far. Not decided if I’m going to subscribe to it for another couple of months yet or not though.

    I really want to see how DUST and EVE work together. The real time integration between the two could be brilliant. I love the idea of asking players in EVE to drop Orbital Strikes down to the battlefield in DUST 514.

    I’m hoping I get a Beta invite, as I applied for the DUST beta through EVE. Apparently you get priority that way.

  9. The scale of dust is scary! All the little avenues you can take your skill training.

    At the moment I’m trying to build a super soldier… problem was my dropsuit loadout was costing about 15,000isk a pop! That setup didn’t last.

    It’s gonna be a balancing act getting attacking mods and defensive mods but a lotta fun getting there.

    I’ll be up for some TSA dust action so feel free to add me Lgan-San .

    There is a contacts menu in the game… not sure how that works yet… seems separate to the PSN friends list.

  10. Hoping they fix the frame rate issue, hit detection, and mini freezing on certain parts of the map before they open the beta for everyone. People these days view betas as demos now >.> Great game, and it shows massive potential.

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