Nintendo All Access E3 2012 3DS Software Showcase

When it has already been a very long week and you are up at 2AM (again!) for an E3 show the last thing you want is a late start.  Unfortunately the minute hand had made it some way past 12 o’clock before Nintendo’s All Acces E3 2012 3DS Software Showcase got going.

For the first ten minutes or so we had the pleasure of watching attendees belated taking their seats while some of those already seated could be seen playing with their 3DS’, likely checking to see how many new Miis had appeared in their Streetview Plazas.

Once the show got going though there was a brief introduction from Reggie-bear, who stumbled over the show’s too-long title, and an on-stage cameo appearance from Non-Specific Action Figure who’s seemingly become quite popular since his appearance in the pre-E3 Wii U show last Sunday.

Tonight was all about 3DS software though.  With the bulk of Nintendo’s main presentation in the Nokia Theatre deliberately focused on Wii U software, this was it’s handheld sibling’s chance to show off what you will be playing on it over the next six months to a year.

First up was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate which is due “Fall 2012”.  Here is Konami’s rendered trailer for the game:

While this is Nintendo’s with in-game footage and game play:

Next we saw Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon which sees Mario’s little brother exploring multiple mansions on his ghost-hunting quest.  To aid him this time he has brought along a new torch with a multi-coloured beam that reveals hidden secrets amongst his surroundings.  This will be one of the titles available both digitally and at retail and the trailer has been made available on the 3DS eShop now.

That was followed by Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, which was introduce by Warren Spector and Peter Ong, one of the game’s designers.  It will be on sale 18 November.  There is no new trailer available for DEM:POI yet but we will keep an eye out for one.

No time was wasted moving on to Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  During this game’s presentation we heard the familiar refrain that looking at a game with eye-popping 3D on a 2D screen really does not do it justice.  Also those of you who have filled sticker albums will know that shiny stickers are best and that is something that holds true in this game.

At this point attention turned to some of the other thrid party titles that are coming up for the 3DS.  Square Enix and Disney’s collaborative game Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dream Drop Distance (see what they did there) was shown revealing some of the Disney characters that will be encountered in the game including Quorra and friends from Tron.

We were told that the game will take advantage of the 3DS’ Streetpass functionality, that Dream Eaters in the game can be unlocked through use of AR cards and that the game will support the Circle Pad Pro accessory.

After its brief mention during Nintendo’s main conference we saw more of Scribblenauts Unlimited.  Rather than presenting a series of distinct puzzles like the first game this one features a more open world type of environment.  Creative solutions to the problems and puzzles you will encounter will be shared by Streetpass.

Over third party games that got a quick mention were LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Transformers Prime The Game, Rabbids Rumble and Heroes of Ruin.

Then it was on to what are probably going to be the two best-selling games that were talked about, Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2.  Set in the same world as the original Black/White games but two years on these are DS games but they will run happily on the 3DS and 3DS players will be able to take advantage of additional functionality in two ‘helper’ applications.

Pokemon Dream Radar will use the 3DS’ features to help you catch hard to find Pokemon that will be added to your ‘stable’ in Black and White Version 2.  While a new Pokedex 3D Pro application will contain details of all Pokemon extneding the menagerie already found in Pokedex 3D.

We also got a bunch of 3DS-related statistics.  Of those people who have bought at least one game from the 3DS eShop the average number of purchased games is 4.7.  70% of 3DS’ have been connected to the Internet and 58m swap notes have been, er, swapped.

The five most downloaded eShop titles are Netflix, Swapnote, Zelda Four Swords, Pokedex 3D and Nintendo Video.  I’d note that they are all free downloads.  There have been 60m video views through Nintendo Video which may sound like a big number but given the number of videos that appear there likely are not a huge percentage of 3DS owners watching many.

There is a new series coming to Nintendo Video, it was not clear whether it was just a US thing but I think I hope it is, called Threediots.  Yes, the show does look as daft as its title.

There was news that the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes demo is “out now” on the eShop.  Again it may just by for the US, it is not on the UK eShop at the time of writing possibly because they are not daft enough to be up at this time of night.

Finally there was more about New Super Mario Bros. 2 with more game play being shown off.  Key new aspects to the game are the Golden Fire Flower which lets you turn pretty much anything in the level into coins, the Coin Rush mode which is a coin-collecting speedrun mode where your coin total will by shared by Streetpass and the fact that the whole game is playable two player rather than multi-player being limited to a battle mode as before.

In the two player mode the camera remains fixed on the main player and should the second player fall too far behind or die he will become en-bubbled and float along behind the main player to the end of the level.  New Super Mario Bros. 2 is out on 19 August.

To finish off this post before I go and get some sleep here is the 3DS line-up trailer:




  1. Darn, no new Resi 3DS game announced :( Was really hoping a new one was in the works after how great Revelations was. Glad Heroes of Ruin got a brief mention. Demo is up on the store today :)

  2. This is a pretty strong list of titles although probably just paper mario for me to get really excited about. Wonder if Vita will look this strong at the same point in its life cycle? I hope so.

  3. Plus the new Professor Layton, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter all hopefully coming to the West. Good times!

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