Nintendo Stocks Fall, Wii U Price Speculation

I thought Nintendo’s E3 press conference was okay. It showed off the hardware well, did plenty to explain what it was and how it worked and assured existing Nintendo fans that their franchises would be catered for. Nothing mind blowing, certainly not as exciting as I’d hoped for a new console’s first major showing but solid enough.

Nintendo’s investors don’t seem to agree though. The company’s share price on the Nikkei dropped significantly by 5.7% following the E3 showcase. It was amid a flurry of activity, too, with 2.2 million shares changing hands in a day rather than the average 750,000.

It seems that investors aren’t particularly confident in the Wii U, and that makes some sense. It has been suggested that Nintendo need to embrace the surging mobile market, rather than attempt to combat it and for investors, that swelling pot of money that casual, social and mobile games represent is a much more attractive proposition than a company making a solid bit of hardware and some great games.

Reports are also coming out of E3 that Iwata has been saying that the Wii U will cost over ¥20,000 (roughly $250/£165) when it goes on sale. At the low end, that seems pretty cheap but currency conversion and taxes could see the western price settle significantly higher, with some speculating a £250 UK price. For new console hardware, that doesn’t sound unreasonable to me but Nintendo’s 3DS pricing will have left them very cautious in this area.

Source: Bloomberg, which references Nikkei newspaper


  1. At £250 it’d be a bargain. Anywhere below £300 and I won’t even pause to think about whether it’s worth it.

    • If you already have a PS3, surely you wouldn’t waste your money on a Wii-U, and simply buy a PS Vita and get similar functionality, better games, and cross device play.

      Everything the Wii-U does, the PS3/PS Vita combo can also do.

      • Difference is, while ps3/vita CAN do it, nobody is developing such functionality into their games. With Wii u, its the main point of the console so all devs will utilise the mini screen functionality thingy. The vita can also do remote play though nobody is developing that into their games either.

      • “Everything the Wii-U does, the PS3/PS Vita combo can also do. ”

        O rly.

      • “Everything the Wii-U does, the PS3/PS Vita combo can also do.”

        Well, no, not everything. Like all the Nintendo exclusive games.

        Well, games in general…

      • Yeah, so far only LBP is supporting it, although UBISOFT did hint at it once their Nintendo ‘exclusivity’ deals runs out.

      • So the only comeback is you can’t play Nintendo exclusive games on a Vita/PS3. well duh…

        Not that I really want to. Nintendo platform is crammed with shovelware, and the only games worth playing are Nintendo own franchises, which have been done to death. How many more Mario and Zelda titles does the industry have to suffer?

        This and the fact the Wii-U hardware has more in common with the last generation of gaming, than the next is WHY they share price is dropping quicker than a stone.. Conmsumer expectations are at a level that the Wii-U won’t meet them.

      • lol, why a PS3/Vita combo? anything that can do so can my Gamecube/GBA combo.

      • Quote: “Everything the Wii-U does, the PS3/PS Vita combo can also do.”

        I hate ignoramuses like you that make stupid comments like that…

      • “How many more Mario and Zelda titles does the industry have to suffer?”
        If you’d bother to research the review scores of Mario and Zelda games, or even let go of that childish fanboy idealism and play something other then a Sony product for just a day, you would realize nobody suffers because of them. If Mario and Zelda were every released on the Playstation platform they’d outsell every Playstation exclusive combined.
        And when you add up the cost of a vita, its cheaper to buy a Wii U- if this price is accurate, or even close. And until the vita lets you play your PS3 games on the vita without having to rebuy them, the vita can’t do everything the Nintendo Gamepad can.

      • xdarkmagician no it wouldn’t most people choose Sony MS for that reason they do not want Zelda Mario they want a more adult experience you sound like a Nintendo fanboy. the guy is saying why he thinks it is no good he is allowed to do that.

    • Agreed, £250 seems fine considering the tech involved. Despite them aiming for a more casual audience, Nintendo will provide their fair share of must-play games to justify the purchase.

      • The tech involved be more like PS3/360 launch hardware from 2006 with a controller with a low-res screen bolted in?


      • The Wii U will probably have four times the RAM the PS3 has. It will easily outdo the PS3 once the devs get used to the tech.
        Please stop trolling.

      • it should be able to top it out the gate sorry but nothing the wiiu showed was on par with the Last Of Us God Of War.

      • “The Wii U will probably have four times the RAM the PS3 has.”

        Says who? Any decent games developer knows it’s not just about the quantity of RAM, but the speed of it.

        The PS3’s split memory pool, where the Cell’s XDR memory is insanely fast ( like many times quicker than the DDR3 than all other consoles have) is far more beneficial when used as designed.

  2. I wouldn’t say that mobile and online gaming is that great a proposition, as someone who remembers the DotCom bubble bursting, seeing Zynga’s shareprice at around 35-40% of what it was doesn’t generate much evidence that mobile and online is the big thing.

    The other issue is that F2P MMOs and the like offer microtransactions etc in the same way as mobile and online games often use them but they don’t seem to be getting funding as a way of transitioning from old PC and console to new mobile and online.

    The type of microtransaction world envisioned by F2P and mobile is only sustainable while people are willing to be shilled left, right and centre for in-game tat, or where pay-to-win scenarios are baked into the game and apps, and people are willing to go along with it.

  3. There’s a good reason why Nintendo haven’t really talked price yet, and that is because they don’t really know if the EU is going to exist in a fortnight, let alone 6 months time.

    They’ll wait as long as they possibly can before announcing the prices, so that they can best judge the conversion rates of the time. It’s the only prudent move to do, when everything is so volatile out there.

  4. £250, with the GamePad, would be an amazing price. You’re getting a top of the range console and a controller with a screen on it for that price, remember.

  5. I’d rather it be cheaper than £250 then I could afford like two or three games heh.

  6. Nintendo Wii U hardware is already outdated.
    Apart from Pikmin 3, Wii U looks like a gimmick like Wii was. I’ll wait a few years and pick one up for £50.

    Honesty the Wii should have had HD capability and better graphics.

  7. Nintendo’s main thing will be to persuade existing Wii owners to upgrade to the Wii U. If they get a great launch line up with similar games to what is currently out on the Wii, that should at least persuade most of the ‘casual’ gamers as long as the price is relatively cheap, and then to capture the ‘hardcore’ market, Nintendo just need more games such as ZombieU which looks fantastic.

  8. I’m not surprised as for the past year, Ninty has been very disappointing with their support for both the 3DS and the Wii. The 3DS barely had any games after the launch line up for a while and had it’s price cut a few months after launch. Trying to take on causal gaming on a portable system was a big mistake due to Apple having that market covered.

    They just need to push more hardcore games on the 3DS as well as the Wii and the Wii U as many gamers refuse to touch them due to the lack of the hardcore games. But judging from E3 this year, they seem to be doing that as i think AC3 will be on the Wii U. :)

    Plus, i know the Wii is mostly dead but they should support it untill the Wii U launchs as i’m sure many Wii owners have probably abandoned their wii due to no support. (i may be wrong about the support).

  9. Did you check the date of the source article?
    Welcome to last year’s news.
    Pricing is still unkown.

    Anyway a £250 price would make me think they are using this gen’s hardware.
    Which considering that this gen is already on its sixth year is crap.

  10. I should be saving money but if I can walk into a store day of release and come out with a Wii-U plus Pikmin3 and ZombiU for about £300 I won’t be able to turn that down.

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