Wii-U Vs PS3 Comparison Show Wii U Is Not A Huge Leap

I have had many arguments with people who are classing Wii U as ‘Next Gen’ so perhaps this comparison shot of Batman Arkham City running on both PS3 and Wii-U will convince my opponents that Wii U is very much ‘this gen’, in specifications, if not numbering conventions.

Even taking into consideration Batman’s new armoured suit and its apparent sheen, it’s quite apparent that the Wii-U is lacking the definition and textures in the cityscape found in the PS3 version of the game. Differences are minimal but the Wii U certainly doesn’t look like a generational leap in comparison to anything but the Wii. Perhaps that’s the point.


A placeholder price of £280 has been suggested for the Wii-U but you could buy a PS3 and a copy of Batman for around £200.

Click the picture below for the hi resolution comparison.

Source: Ntower



  1. Wii-U imo is pretty much a ctach up console. I wouldn’t call it Next Gen in terms of power although if talking Console cycles it’s next gen.

    However if it’s close to £300 for tech which can’t even play DVD’s let alone Blu-Rays it may struggle. Wii sold because it was cheap. Wii-U may be focusing mre on core gamers but core gamers won;t want to bother when they can get the same game experience already on there 360/ps3.

    • Surprised they didn’t put a Blu-ray player in, since they’re bound to be very cheap these days, especially with business licensing.

  2. While I’d have to agree that the Wii U version does not look as good as the PS3 version, it is also still a work in progress port, and even then a launch game. As we have seen with almost every console ever, the graphics capabilities are not defined by launch titles. While this comparison may be accurate, it is still too soon to judge.

    • Exactly, the PS3 has been out for a long time, look at Uncharted 1 compared to UC3, but just as odd are the lighting angles, the PS3 screen has Batmans’ back to the light, while Wii U screen is facing.

  3. What an odd comparison. What frame rate does the Wii U version run at? Resolution? Load times? Install size?


    • Odd, but still valuable in some respects. The point is, the graphical leap is more of a short step; while resolution may factor into graphical comparison, it is also not relevant to many gamers, as the difference between 720p and 1080p is small (imo). Load times and install size also factor into the comparison on a general level, but this here is just to show that the graphical difference is negligible. Therefore, to many core gamers, the idea of spending more than is needed on this particular game will seem pointless.

      • But a pic shows none of that without thorough analysis… and therefore remains, odd.

      • Has anyone thought maybe this was just a quick port to release a game asap for the WiiU? Like playing a port of the original Monkey Island on PS3. The screen shots are probably similar to a 15 year old PC but doesn’t mean the graphical capabilities are the same.

    • I’m with Alex on this. What’s the point here? An image of an old game running on a company’s new hardware doesn’t look as good as the game on other companies’ older hardware?

      Oh, okay. Show me both games running side by side and compare their performance and things get interesting. The DF article linked below offers up a lot of insights.

  4. I don’t think this is a fair test to be honest, considering we’re talking about a port of a game that’s on PS3 and 360. We won’t really see what it’s capable of until someone releases an exclusive game on it that really pushes the machine.

    Besides, the whole definition of the city thing could be to do with depth of field. Looking at some PS3 gameplay, it does have depth of field and sometimes looks as it does on that WiiU screen. It’s probably to do with the fact they’re taken from different locations and angles (WiiU pointing up towards buildings with less lights compared to the PS3 pointing down towards lots of lights). I’d be surprised if the WiiU version looked any worse or had certain aspects removed as there would be absolutely no reason for it.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

  5. Nintendo tech graphically and power wise is constantly a generation behind, but the control system is always half a generation ahead.

    • only since the Wii, wasn’t the Gamecube powerful and the N64 the most powerful of its generation?

      • Pretty sure the PS1 was the most powerful…possibly the Xbox for the Gamecube generation.

      • I think it went like this:
        – Nes/master system equal enough power sold loads
        – SNES/Megadrive equal power sold loads
        – N64/PS1 equal N64 most powerful sold least
        – Gamecube/PS2/Xbox least powerful sold none
        – Wii/PS3/360 least powerful sold bag loads…..
        – WiiU/PS4/720 least powerful sold ???????

        History tells me nothing tbh…..

  6. Courtesy of Digital Foundry at Eurogamer who do a full analysis of many of the games shown at E3, their resolutions, framerates, texture detail & lighting.
    WiiU, PC, Xbox360 & PS3 comparison.

    Don’t really know what leap there could be in a multi-platform game, so not sure what Ntower are proving/disproving, but in the here and now, will Nintendo owners care of the graphics are 720p or 1080p? I doubt it.

    Not sure the WiiU will see 560p/600p/640p like some earlier multiplatform PS3 games, and its launch titles will match titles that were released after devs have had 5 or more years tinkering & tweaking the PS3

    Initially titles will generally be 720p30 which is pretty standard in the 2nd half of the PS3’s life… The new version of Wii Sports will be 60fps though & there is evidence of Rayman Legends running at 1080p… But does any of it really matter over & above gameplay experiences, the WiiU will live or die by the experiences offered by the pad, will it engage people like the Wii Remote and have people queuing up to buy consoles based purely on word of mouth or will it be too complicated & flop?

    Performance-wise I’d expect it to perform like a cross-gen machine, matching the games that have arrived later in the PS360’s life, but obviously short of what may arrive next ‘holiday season’.

  7. Lets be fair, the Wii U is inevitably going to cost a lot less to make and should be uber reliable because it isn’t going for bleeding edge graphics. That means the profits for Nintendo are going to be better and they will hopefully stay out of trouble in a period in time where money isn’t flowing out of our pockets like it used to. Its a sensible business direction!

  8. The lighting doesn’t look great.

  9. Still not as good as the ps3. I can’t see why people would think its any better than this gen. At the moment, I can’t see any reason for me wanting to buy a Wii U.

    • That’s retarded. The graphics above the gameplay? REALLY? Plus this isn’t even what Wii U is capable of.

  10. This sounds like someone from 2006 mocking the PS3 “because it has bad graphics for its ports”.

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