WeView Verdict: Darksiders

Given that Darksiders is now free on PlayStation Plus, you’d probably have expected me to have it downloaded, sitting on my hard disk and just waiting for my attention. Alas, it is not to be. My distinct lack of a PlayStation Plus subscription is making it rather tricky to get it for free, and when I went to Game claiming that they should just let me walk out with a copy, my protests fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately it seems some of you out there in community land do own a copy, whether physical or digital, and were particular keen to share your views this week. Nylon_Angel was amongst those wanting to get out their view, and it was one brimming with positivity. “I love this game,” they began, which is always a very strong start, ” its got the right mix of action, puzzle solving and running around on my horse to keep me happy.”

[drop2]Well that’s all well and good Nylon_Angel, but just how does the game stack up now? “Even after it being out a couple of years it still looks good and plays well.” Well that answered my question rather succinctly.

There was a shock with this game, and it came from a member of staff. You see, Tuffcub liked it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him comment on a game in WeView that he actually likes. Nevertheless, he popped up this week to say he enjoyed it. Well, it’s not quite that simple actually.

“Played the demo when it came out, thought it was cack,” he opened, which is roughly the response I’ve come to expect from him. However, it turns out he’s picked the game up free from PS+ and “watched the actual story which is fab and made the game make sense.”

I was still a little suspicious though, but then I read this final part. “I particualrly like the twinkly fingered shop demon chap, reminds me an awful lot of Beast Wars Megatron.” Ah, a Transformers reference. Well it all makes sense now.

XisTG was a little more undecided about the game than our previous two commentators, saying “The premisse of it all was great, but somehow War wasn’t as brutal as I was expecting. At least it wasn’t the idea I had of becoming one of the horseman of the apocalypse.” They went onto say that, whilst they enjoyed it, they thought “GoW is better, and definitely Dante’s Inferno.”

Now we switch to theaface, another commenter who was slightly unsure about the game, although the mixture of Zelda and God of War intrigued them. When playing the game they found that the influence of those game was obvious, commenting that “It doesn’t do much new, but if you’re going to imitate, better that you should imitate a couple of the best-in-their-genre games around.” They were also very keen to praise the game’s art style, saying “it’s pretty bold and polarizing as a result, but if it clicks with you, you’ll come to admire the intricate character designs and varied landscapes.”

This week’s wrap-up comment comes from Kennykazey, and whilst not everyone may agree with their assessment of the game, it does sum things up rather nicely:

Do you like hack and slash? Do you like puzzles? Do you like platforming? Do you like third person shooters? So you like on rails shooters? Do you like clever use of apocalyptic settings? Do you like collectibles and biblical references? Then you’ll like Darksiders.

Now onto the community’s overall verdict of the game. There was just one of you who felt the game wasn’t worth playing at all, rating it at Avoid It, and another four though the game was worth owning, but only from the Bargain Bin. However, twelve of you rated the game as a Buy this week, making the community’s verdict very clear once again.

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  1. Make that 13 buy its. Almost completed it and now have Darksiders 2 on preorder.

    • the one with the mask? if had the money i would buy that, my bookcase needs a death mask in it :)

      • Yes it will be awesome. I intend on pissing people off by jumping out of the shadows with it on.

  2. Pulled out my old retail copy and started playing – fun so far. Never really played GoW style hack and slashers before so may have to look at GoW itself :)

    Nice animations – although being a noob to this genre the mini-bosses seem gits. :)

  3. Yay, I got a mention :)

  4. Hows about we WeView a Vita game? Has one been done before?

    • Ignore me. A quick click on Community told me that we did Uncharted GA a few weeks ago. Old timers setting in.

  5. Thanks for the mention. :-)
    I agree with Omac, a Vita game would be good, Resistance perhaps?

    • Don’t think many would own it imo, probably Wipeout but that’s bound to have been done. Oh yeah PSN, plenty of games there too.

  6. Bosses are interesting and gladly doesn’t go with a HP bar so instead of just entirely hacking you’d have to use the enviroments in some way, good game so far but the combat is a bit meh and I’ve reached the point where I can’t be arsed with shadow lurkers whateve.r.

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