LOTRO: Riders Of Rohan Dated For Autumn 2012

Half a decade old and still going strong, Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online is set to expand its borders once again on September 5th. Since the MMO’s incursion of Moria back in 2008, players have been able to travel further East via Mirkwood and Isengard, the recently-announced Riders of Rohan expansion padding out yet another chapter on the road to Mordor.

Promising to be the biggest and most ambitious add-on to date, Riders of Rohan will include a number of features, allowing players to hit a level cap of 85, explore vast new regions and even engage in mounted combat. Those who pre-purchase one of the three editions of the expansion will also be entitled to numerous bonuses including Turbine Points and in-game equipment.

If you have yet to try an MMO, Lord of the Rings Online is perhaps one of the best places to start, mainly due to it’s not-so-recent F2P transition. It’s worth mentioning that not everything is free; a number of key features such as in-game mail and auctioning items will require an active subscription.

Source: Press Release