Seth Killian Says Goodbye to Capcom

Seth Killian has announced that Friday, June 22nd will be his last day at Capcom. Seth originally joined Capcom in 2006 as a “special advisor” to work on the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV. He has been the face of Capcom fighting games ever since.

There is no word on where Seth will go next but he says that he has “chosen a new path” that will let him “embrace a new dream”. You can read Seth’s heartfelt farewell letter over at Capcom Unity.

Here’s an excerpt:

And finally, to the FGC: In no uncertain terms, you have been my reason for everything. A game can be incredible, but it’s the players and where they take it that elevate it into legend. Both as individuals and as a group, you have taught me more than I could have ever thought possible.

Every hour on the road and every air mile towards my first million doesn’t begin to repay the debt I feel to all of you. You are a family to me. Today, the community is strong, and growing stronger. We fight, we make mistakes, we argue, and we compete but in the end we have each other.

To you, I can only say “thank you.”

You continue to electrify the world and show the power not just of a game, but of a living, breathing community. Strive to be your best selves, to share our magic with the next generation, and above all else, take care of each other. We are a family.

[drop2]Personally, this news hits me hard. When I was still studying at the University of Illinois, I spent a lot of time watching videos of the arcade version of Street Fighter IV. Seth was the man you would always see leading up to the console release.

You could just see the passion in his eyes whenever he spoke.

His deep roots from within the fighting game community led fans to instantly respect him. Seth served as the voice of Capcom fighting games for years to come and set new standards for what a community manager should be.

It was because of Seth that I realized I wanted to pursue my dreams in the gaming industry. After I graduated from College I decided to take a huge risk and started writing about video games.

I met Seth that same year at a Capcom FightClub event in Chicago. We talked for an extended period of time and that’s when I realized I made the right choice. As silly as it sounds, I’m not really sure what I’d be doing now if it wasn’t for him. He gave me that inspiration I needed to succeed.

Seth really went above and beyond. Capcom definitely won’t be the same without him.


  1. Shame to see him leave Capcom, such a wonderful person.

  2. Bet he’s going too EA… : P

    Also he’s leaving a day before my birthday what a bastard!

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