No Man’s Land, A Free-To-Play Shooter For… PlayStation Home?

Now here’s something you probably weren’t expecting to see this morning. Over at the official PlayStation Blog Sony has lifted the lid on No Man’s Land, an all-new free to play shooter from the folks at Edinburgh-based VEEMEE. However, it’s not Sony’s continual dedication to F2P gaming that stands out; despite having the appearance of your typical downloadable shooter, No Man’s Land is actually the newest update to PlayStation Home.


Adopting a third person perspective, two teams of four will go head to ahead across two modes, including your bog-standard team deathmatch and “salvage.” The gameplay borrows heavily from pioneering third person shooters such as Gears of War, though VEEMEE had added a unique flare to the time-tested cover system. Whilst fleeing or tracking down opponents, in No Man’s Land players can pre-plan their route across the map using a cover queuing system.

Players won’t be allowed to run around wearing the number of wacky costume pieces picked up over the years, though the freemium shooter does import your avatar’s core physical attributes. Customisation will come in the form of weapon loadouts and a variety of armour combinations. For those willing to part with their cash, Commerce Points will also be made available to purchase additional items and equipment.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an F2P shooter surface in PlayStation Home. Last year, we were introduced to Bootleggers, a frantic arcade shooter that failed to inspire, showcasing wonky controls and awkward shooting mechanics. We’re hoping No Man’s Land fares better.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog




  1. looks cool, finally a shooter that will feature women. ^_^
    but a shame it’s only available in the us.

    the sony mantra “no plans for europe” comes into play once again it seems.
    i can’t wait to hear what lame excuse they come up with this week.

    i’d comment on the blog, but the login server seems to be dead.
    did they move the maintenance to today?

    • Should be easy enough to get into (if you have a US account)

      I suspect they’ll launch it in our region soon. Looks pretty fun.

      • yeah, but if i want to play on my main account, one where i have money in my psn wallet, i can’t.

        and soon, when it involves sony, could mean anything from a couple of weeks to never.

  2. Blimey.

  3. Hmmmm…probably still not enough to make me install Home. Haven’t bothered since I got a new PS3 a year ago.

    BTW it should be ‘flair’ not ‘flare’. :-)

  4. Home? Do people still use it? ………someone had to say it. I deleted Home over a year ago, wont be going back.

    • I keep it on my HDD just in case. The E3 stuff was pretty cool.

      • i got a cool Siren from Borderlands 2 outfit from the e3 space.

  5. Sounds like a good idea, but I’m not holding my breath for it to hit Europe.

  6. i tried it on the us home.
    and it’s weird.
    unless that was just for the training mission, you can’t actually move around freely.
    you just move from cover to cover.

    it seems to work ok, but it makes it a pain when the enemies throw a grenade at you and you can’t just run away.

    you can move along the cover but that’s as close as you get to free movement.

    it’s not great, but it’s not terrible, there could be some fun there, i’ll give it another go later.

  7. Home is great, I use it quite a lot.

    Oh, you don’t like Home? Yeah. Nobody cares.

    • It’s funny that the majority of the comments from PS Home-related articles (not just here, but everywhere) are always negative. And you’re right, nobody cares. I don’t like Home that much, I rarely go on it, but you don’t see me running around posting negative comments about it. But hey, to each their own.

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