Nintendo Reveal 3DS XL

Nintendo have revealed, as part of their overnight Nintendo Direct show, a new 3DS.

The 3DS will have larger screens and a better battery, and will retail for $200 in August when it’s released. The new unit, as seen in these first shots, looks much like a Wii U.


It’s great being an early adopter, eh? Regardless, for some reason there’s still no second stick, which is a baffling omission when Nintendo had the chance to get this right.

UK details expected today.



  1. i like the bigger screen, because frankly the current screens on the 3ds are just tiny.
    but they left out the second analog control?

    and no charger either?

    nintendo have officially lost the plot.

  2. Seems a little premature to me, bloody hell, the original 3DS was only released just over a year ago. Ninty certainly don’t let the grass grow…or even a second thumbstick!!

  3. Finally a new 3DS hopefully this time it doesn’t feel as if the plastic is coming off when I drop it. <.< Looks… ok but as a avid player of Monster Hunter or even the odd RPG and shooter I think a second Circle Pad is important for a handheld system by now.

  4. Why on earth isn’t there a second analogue stick?! The major design flaw that they felt they had to address with a cumbersome adapter? Are they pretending it didn’t happen?

    I thought we were told that there wouldn’t be further iterations do 3DS as well?!

    And then no power adapter?!!

    Good grief Nintendo! You’re supposed to be strengthening your handheld position in order to fight off increasing competition from smartphones and tablets and you do this? Do you think Apple would seriously ship their product without a charger? And to save money? Surely to a large company like Nintendo you’re talking a matter of pence!

  5. Well the first thing I thought when playin g my 3ds a few months back with Mario kart was ‘be good if the screen was a little bigger’. However this just looks like a bit of a monstrosity, and I thought they’d add a second stick. The add on is already the admission they screwed up eh?…..

  6. So the number one complaint that many people had with the 3DS still has not been fixed despite certain games requiring both sticks. For Mario’s sake Ninty, swallow up all of your pride and include a 2nd stick as the stick add on is an abomination that should be shot, then skinned and then the remains burnt.

    It looks very cheap and is souless.

  7. I no longer want a 3DS. Nintendo has lost it.

  8. I like the bigger screen but it really seems too soon for a hardware revision – especially one that doesn’t include a second stick.

  9. Better battery?
    How much better?
    I had a DSi which would last forever.
    I wouldn’t mind this if I get it in a sale like I did the DSi.
    It’ll play second fiddle to my Vita, but so did my DSi to PSP.

    • From 3-5 hours to 3.5 – 6.5 hours.

      • That’s not bad.
        Hopefully it’ll be discounted in some sale in a few months.
        Game did way better sales than Gamestop do though, but I can hope…

  10. I don’t understand…. they could easily have a second analog stick on the top of B, A, etc etc

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