Nintendo Reveal 3DS XL

Nintendo have revealed, as part of their overnight Nintendo Direct show, a new 3DS.

The 3DS will have larger screens and a better battery, and will retail for $200 in August when it’s released. The new unit, as seen in these first shots, looks much like a Wii U.


It’s great being an early adopter, eh? Regardless, for some reason there’s still no second stick, which is a baffling omission when Nintendo had the chance to get this right.

UK details expected today.



  1. As others have said, its strange they left out the second analogue stick. Still, there are only a couple of games on the market which make sure of the circle pad pro peripheral so it’s not a big deal I guess.
    Overall I personally really like the new design. Bigger screen + better battery = Good news :)

  2. Nintendo won’t ever add a 2nd stick to the 3DS. As disappointing as it is, it’s the exact same decision with the same reasoning behind it as Sony made with PSP.

    It would fragment their install base, and be very unfair on those who already own a 3DS, whether they have a 2nd stick peripheral or not.

  3. To cut costs Nintendo are leaving out a charger? Really? What does it run on, AA batteries or do you will have to buy a charger when you buy this?
    It’s hideously ugly too and no second joystick. Add a second joystick before its to late, it may cause problems with people who have the 3DS but give them the addon thing for free. Nintendo really have messed up this generation. 17 million DS’s sold at a loss?

  4. I like the new Wii U style but no 2nd stick is what will always keep me from buying a 3DS.

  5. Yuk, that looks disgusting. It looks like a cheap Chinese knock off.

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