Nintendo 3DS XL Getting Circle Pad Pro Add-On

Remember when Nintendo used to do everything right?

The 3DS XL, announced last week, didn’t have the silly Circle Pad Pro built in – it just has the one analog stick. That meant that Nintendo were abandoning the peripheral for good, yes?


No, it’s back. The bigger, fatter, beefier XL will get its own Circle Pad Pro attachment, according to Famitsu (via AndriaSang) – the one for the 3DS looks daft, so we can’t imagine how massive the one for the XL will be.

There’s no picture yet, but you can imagine what it’ll look like.



  1. I’m sorry but this just has fail written all over it.
    Imagine if vita did this!?

  2. So we now have a bigger and uglier version of the circle pro. Just scrap it and do a model with two sticks as i can see developers wanting to use both sticks in a few years time and thus the market will be split. Ninty, listen to what the people want and consider the potential benefits and downfalls of implenting a second stick.

  3. Well I will be getting the XL when it’s released but the whole circle pad add on is a joke, Nintendo should just of stuck with the one circle pad and never have released the disaster that is the pro add on. Does anyone remember metroid on the ds? It used the touch screen as the second analog stick and it worked fine if i remember correctly

  4. The only thing holding me back from buying a 3DS is the lack of a second stick, now that the battery life has been improved. I loved my DS, but my Vita has shown me that a second stick is essential for anything requiring tight camera control. It is very disappointing that they have chosen to go via the add-on route again.

    That said, I’ll most likely crack once they release Luigi’s Mansion 2, and buy one anyway. Damn you Nintendo.

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