Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is This Month’s Euro Plus “Game Of The Month”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been revealed as this month’s PlayStation Plus Game Of The Month, which will be available from tomorrow for free for Plus subscribers.


In addition (and this is probably a good enough reason for a publisher to push their game on the service) there will be three packs of DLC available for a 50% discount – the Explosive Mission pack, the Tactical Enhancement pack and the Missing Link.

In addition, this month, RPG Rainbow Moon and Dungeon Twister should also see discounts. Two more games will be added to Plus on the 18th of July, replacing Warhammer and Chime.

There’s something else getting a Plus discount too – find out what it is at midday on TSA.



  1. Yeeeeaaaah! …um…ah…that is all!

  2. Ooh, I have the game (untouched) so could be tempted with the DLC. Will also be interested to see whether the Rainbow Moon discount will be enough to tempt me. I shall look forward to midday too!

    • Rainbow Moon is £7.99 with the 20% off

  3. Nice, I own this already on OnLive but I never actually got round to playiong it for more than an hour or so
    I think this is gonna keep me more than entertained for the next few weeks
    I took a few years, but PS+ is really feeling like it’s something my Playstation cannot be without

  4. sweet!
    i have been deliberating buying this game, off and on, since it was released.

    Buying Plus last month was the best thing i have done for an age, got well over my monies worth in the first month alone

  5. Excellent game.

  6. Slightly disappointed i hated the game at launch traded it in the same weekend would of like Gotham City Imposters or even a chance to chose one of the two

    • Yeah, i still have the game, but its sat gathering dust as it just didn’t click with me – I think its the fact that it parades itself around as a choice ridden pleasure, when in fact it just tries to push you down the stealth route whenever possible. You are pretty much dead if you even try to engage any more than one person head on.

      I bleedin’ hate stealth.

    • Also the same here. Although I did say 1 day I will but it to get the platinum out of it. I cant believe the half arsed ultra poor graphics in it. Almost as good as PS1 game quality in some points.

  7. Sweet Jesus.

    I almost bought this on my lunch yesterday. £14 quid without any of the DLC.
    & I thought that was a good deal.

  8. DE:HR is an excellent game and is worthy of anyone’s collection. Although i suspect the missing link DLC was ripped out of the main game before release so that it could be sold back to us as there is a suspicous gap during the last few hours. If you love MGS or Splinter cell then i think you would love this.

    Although, i will warn you that the bosses are designed for the FPS approach instead of the stealth approach so make sure you have one lethal weapon. :) Oh and i think it’s around 12-15 hours long if i remeber correctly.

    • I could swear it’s longer but I played through the game in a non-lethal way and did a lot of hacking so my playtime could be a little off. I really want to go back to this game to platinum it but I just have too many other games to play.

      • It’s been a while since i’ve played it so i could be wrong about the length. I do wish that the bosses didn’t force you to use lethal force though.

      • What would you prefer Steve, a danceoff??

        I bet a few of them are good at the robot.

  9. Loved this game, I’ll def get the DLC at 50% off

  10. Nice, Got this the other week for 5quid on steam. Think it was 10 pound for all DLC inc as well! Such an awesome game

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