Rumour: Apple To Start Production Of ‘iPad Mini’

The Wall Street Journal are reporting that Apple has instructed its Asian component suppliers to prepare for mass production of an ‘iPad Mini’.

Citing ‘people familiar with the situation’ the much rumoured tablet is said to have a screen smaller than 8 inches and that Apple are working with Taiwan-based AU Optronics on the revised iPad.

Meanwhile the swings-and-roundabouts copyright infringement cases continue.

Apple has recently managed to ban the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from sale in the U.S. but lost a ‘slide to unlock’ case after a judge in the U.K. noted the ‘slider’ had also been previously used in Microsoft’s CE system.

Source: Wall Street Journal



  1. I’d have one to replace my old iPod touch, I like iPads but they’re a just a bit too big and heavy. I hope the other rumours are wrong and they don’t give the mini a new plug shape, otherwise my pride and joy Zeppelin is going to seem like a colossal waste of money :P

  2. We recently got a bunch of Galaxy Tab 2 7″ tablets at work and I love the form factor so I can see why they want a competing product.

    The legal battles over technology are getting more and more ridiculous though. Slide to unlock isn’t exactly world shattering technological breakthrough and, honestly, is anyone thinking “Well I like that android device more than the iPhone but it doesn’t have slide to unlock so forget it”.

  3. I’m so sick of apple and everyone else suing each other endlessly for patent infringements and what not just because there is one similar line of code or some other petty nonsense. Just concentrate on making your own products good not stopping the sale of everyone else’s.

    • the way apple did it was pretty despicable if you ask me though.
      altering images to claim other phones copied their style.

      i wonder if Steve would be proud of apple turning into some kind of patent troll.

      • Really, is it time for the “Steve Jobs rolling in his grave” comments already, I very highly doubt in this short time that the philosophy of the company has dramatically changed.

        I do get the frustration at this never ending battle of patent lawsuits and it is getting out of hand, but if you spend years developing a product only to discover 6 months after you’ve released its been reverse engineered and changed so insignificantly that its basically the same product your not going to be all together best pleased.

      • I’m sure Steve Jobs would be behind it 100%. He did say he would go “themonuclear war” on Android…

      • Spend years developing a product?

        Slide to unlock, multi-touch, grid ui and practically evrry case Apple has ever brought before a court all pre-date Apple’s implemenentations any way.Apple are amazingly good at patenting other people’s prior art & then restricting other companies by exhibiting behaviorof a patent tolling company. Even the latest case in banning the Galaxy Nexus through an Apple desktop search patent applied for in 2004 & granted in late 2011 had lots of prior art. The lobbying of politicians in America has created this system which Jobs’ Apple & now Apple without Jobs is excellent at exploiting.

        Luckily UK & Dutch courts having given these actions the contempt they deserve & Germany’s district courts have had enough too.

        Imagine if all this time,money & expertise was put into products & services instead of lawyers pockets.

      • Have the EU not blocked software patents at this stage?

        I think you can only copyright software, not patent it anymore.

        But the US is a different ballgame…

      • I wasn’t in any way being specific to Apple, (or Samsung/HTC/Google etc for that matter) it was a general statement about why these patent cases are happening.
        So yeah if anyone did “Spend years developing a product” only for it to be ripped off 6 month later then they have the right to sue

      • Ah yes the same Steve Job who denied paternity of his first child by claiming he was sterile. Yeah, he was a beacon of morality him.

      • They didn’t alter, they just kept the Galaxy S and iPhone 3GS pics the same size. Anyone with a brain can see the TouchWiz UI and Galaxy S design was a rip of the iPhone.

        Apple have a right to protect their ideas and designs, if it wasnt for the iPhone, we would still be using slow and horrible Windows and Symbian phones.

      • They did alter the size of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a legal document to make it look like it shares the same aspect ratio as the iPad.
        They also depicted the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the app drawer instead of actually showing a regular home screen. That’s just sad if you ask me.

      • ok, maybe Jobs wouldn’t be that upset.

        but i’d bet if the young Steve that co founded apple could see what had become of his company now he’d be appalled.

        or maybe he was always as driven and ruthless as he seemed in his later years.

  4. iPad Mini? Sounds like an iPod Touch to me, wonder if they’ll just make a larger one of them.

    The salient point would be not in heading off Nexus7 & Kindle Fire sales, but how they do it without cannibalising existing iPad sales just for cheaper ‘iPads’.

    • Presume they’ll kill of the iPad 2 and keep the 2’s screen res for the 7″. So you’ve got a stupidly named ‘new’ iPad and an iPad mini at a quarter of the res, less RAM etc.

      The iPad’s lovely, but holding it up for any length of time is tough – a smaller, lighter one would be ace.

      • If only there was a way to keep a screen stationary.. say.. attached to a wall. with perhaps the computery bits all neatly encased in what I will call.. a ‘console’.

        Think I’m on a to winner.

      • such a thing sounds quite frankly ludicrous to me. o_O

    • The iPod touch plays a huge role in this, if you ask me. If Apple wants to compete with the likes of the Kindle Touch and the Nexus 7, they would have to price the iPad mini around the 200€ mark. The iPod Touch costs 189€. Apple would either have to cut the price of the iPod Touch or price the iPad mini slightly higher and I think both moves would be stupid. The iPod Touch seems to do pretty good sales wise so they’d be making less money on that front while also cutting into their new iPad sales and I don’t think that many people would jump ship from the Android side of things to make up for those losses. But then again it would be a new Apple product and people would sell their first born to get whatever they come up with…

  5. Or as it was known 2 years ago, the Ipod touch

  6. wait a second, so apple can sue google for slide to unlock, they lost the case because microsoft invented the idea.
    how come microsoft doesn’t sue apple for that?!

    • Apple got a patent for “slide to unlock” but due to prior art (Microsoft did it first) the case was dismissed. That’s how screwed up the US patent system is.

    • Apple got the patent for it on a mobile device whereas Microsoft have it for a desktop.

      This case was dismissed by a UK judge though I read so US patents wouldn’t apply over here.

      • Apparently the Judge referred to a swedish phone (Neonode N1) that came out back in 2004.
        Three years before Apple released the first iPhone and definitely before Apple filed the patent at the end of 2005.

  7. Isn’t a mini Ipad just an Ipod touch.

    • it’d be bigger, the screen on a touch, a 3rd gen like i have at least, is only about 3.5 inches, measured diagonally, which is how they measure screen size isn’t it?

  8. iPad mini? So, an iPod then? Maybe an iPhone? Is this supposed to become yet another gimmick for people to blow their money on?

  9. iPad Mini=iPhone, no?

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