What Would Sully Think Of Polish “Adventurer”?

Let’s not pretend that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is the most original series ever to be released – it’s not – but this, this Polish first person shooter with adventure aspects does appear to have been influenced by the PlayStation exclusive titles, along with the likes of Indiana Jones.


The game, powered by Unreal Technology’s Unreal 3 engine, delivers “breathtaking visuals and dynamic shooter gameplay” and features locations like ancient Mayan ruins, forbiden cities, frozen wastelands and lush, tropical jungles.

“Project Adventurer is an awesome mix of dynamic gameplay and vibrant locations, with traps and puzzles scattered throughout every level,” said Artur Falkowski, Producer at The Farm 51.

“Our intention is to give the player the possibility of using their surroundings to eliminate threats. Additionally, we have incorporated many puzzles and physical challenges that serve as a well-timed break between the action.”

And, well, it actually looks pretty good.

Via GAF.



  1. Whoa, the first picture, with the two characters, fooled me for a second. I actually thought it was Drake and Sully in some sort of comparison screen-shoot. Not too much into FPS, but maybe a plot driven FPS with puzzles may do the job :).

    • Same! I’m pretty sure the fact that this game is to some degree inspired by Uncharted is evident.

  2. First-person tomb-raiding, i like the sound of that although the Drake and Sully lookylikes are a bit blatant. One to keep an eye on as it seems early in development but the concept art looks promising.

  3. Erm yeah, if i didn’t know better, i would have said that the first picture was Sully & Drake! :S

  4. That looks great, if more than a bit familar.
    ‘Coming Soon to PC and 360.’
    Ironic what console is missing out…

    • i dont think its ironly mate..
      these polacks know whats best for them….

      • sh*t 7:51 must of left my spelling head in bed today i meant.

    • Oh, i know the answer to this! The N64 right?

  5. It does look nice indeed, there will probally also be nazis to kill as ussual

  6. A faux Uncharted for the green console owners.

  7. Not bad looking…but must be hard trying to bring something new when Uncharted has reigned on that genre for the last few years. Otherwise i think its good seeing new games coming from countries we dont expect.

  8. Surely legal action might be on the cards, no?

  9. Looks good and the FPS genre could do with more innovative games. Although i can see ND suing them for using Sully’s likeness but i’m sure if they give them a cigar they won’t sue them.

    Also, i like how it’s not coming to PS3 despite it being influnced by Uncharted. Oh the irony. Hmm, i wonder if they think PS3 gamers will overlook it due to it being very simular to Uncharted and thus it not being on the PS3?

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