Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Hanger Gameplay Video

The first proper direct-feed footage (that I know of) of next week’s XBLA title Tony Hawk Pro Skater has surfaced. The author says it’s from “early review code”, so we can assume it’s the final version.


Looks fine to me, although it’s clear the level has been ported from the original THPS rather than the updated one in THPS 2x, which is a slight disappointment.

THPS HD releases next Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade, and features online multiplayer in place of local split screen. There’re seven levels taken from THPS and THPS 2, but sadly there’s no level editor or create-a-skater.

A PS3 version is expected in August, and a PC version was confirmed yesterday.



  1. Looking forward to this on the S3 so much!!I know the exclusion of local split screen has put some people off but for me it doesn’t really matter too much. When I was younger me and my mates would sit around for days playing this but as time has moved on and people have got married and have kids we no longer really need this feature. If I do play against mates it tends to be online so I’m all for it.

  2. no level editor or create a skater?
    that makes me incredibly sad… maybe future DLC

    • THPS 1 & 2 didn’t have those though did they (my memory is a little hazy, but i recall playing with standard characters in those two – Bob Burnquist was my preferred choice if i recall correctly)?

      Basically, as i understand it, if the feature wasn’t in 1 & 2 it won’t appear in the remake (much like the announced DLC for THPS 3 levels that finally include a revert which won’t apply to standard levels).

      • Yep, both were in 2.

      • Ah, i stand corrected – I must have just never used them then, as i really don’t remember seeing an option to do so. Either that or i just couldn’t be bothered!!

        Probably the latter.

  3. Was either of those features in THPS/2?

  4. Of course they wont put a level editor in, they cant sell you the dlc later if you can recreate the areas yourself can they ?

  5. Shame it ain’t the hanger from tony 2 but ill still be getting this on ps3 release nice to hear some of the original sountrack also.

  6. Wow… This looks terrible.

    Original >>>>>>>>> HD

  7. Apart from the music, i still think that Tony hawk Underground is my fav skating game.

  8. I’m pretty sure that is the hanger from THPS 2,I was playing having a retro day with my mates the other day with my mates and thats the level I was playing,I dont think there was a hanger on THPS 1,I may be wrong though,either way I can’t wait to get it!!!

  9. “Looks fine to me, although it’s clear the level has been ported from the original THPS rather than the updated one in THPS 2x, which is a slight disappointment.”

    What? This level was in TH2 . The first level. It wasn’t in the first game at all.. I’m also pretty sure the first game didn’t have a create a level option or the ability to create a skater. Positive.
    Isn’t the whole point of the game the fact that it’s the old ‘classic’ levels in HD? What were you expecting?

    As an aside, your redesign is good, it just looks broken to hell on iPad. I’ve tweeted you about it a few times. Can you fix it?

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