Deadpool Videogame Announced

How do you do this? How do you write a news post about a game you don’t actually understand, appreciate, follow? Not only do I not know who Deadpool is, I’m not even familiar with the material he’s apparently been in already – X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

It’s actually quite easy. The trailer’s impressive, it’s got Nolan North behind it and High Moon Studios, they of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron fame, are the guys sat at the desks punching in the numbers. Sometimes you don’t have to have all the answers – you just have to open your eyes.

The trailer’s currently here, behind IGN’s rather, er, bespoke media player. A YouTube version is below, but you’ll have to verify your age.


Activision will publish; consoles TBC.



  1. Oh please don’t be bad, I love deadpool!

  2. what’dya know? a game, other than Uncharted, that i’m happy about Nolan North voicing.
    who’da thunk it? ^_^

    i hope it’s good, because there’s loads of potential in the character, the fourth wall breaking thing is a great way of injecting humour, if it’s done right.

    it doesn’t really show how it will play though.

  3. I cant say the gameplay looks appealing, or even the character himself. Wolverine is by far the best Superhero(?) game ive played to date and hope that this is nearing that exclusive league of good superhero games.

    Strange how superheroes rarely turn out great games isnt it?


  5. :O

    I’m starting to get a bit tired of hearing Nolan in every game but he IS Deadpool so this i am happy with, can’t wait :D

    bang! bang! bang!

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