Deadpool Gets Launch Trailer Ahead Of Next Week’s Current Gen Release

A couple of months ago Activision confirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 Deadpool game would be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, no doubt in response to huge surge of popularity the character has received since the Deadpool movie was announced. Since then there has been silence on the game, at least until a couple of hours ago when a launch trailer suddenly appeared.

The trailer shows a lot of different parts of gameplay interspersed with the humour that Deadpool is known for. Cable and Wolverine make appearances too with more serious tones to counter Deadpool’s outlandish behaviour. The trailer description also states that the game will be released on November 17th 2015, which is next week. That may be the North American release, as GAME has it for release in seven days. Someone at Amazon may have typed the wrong date into the database as it has a listing of November 20th 2016.

Source: Youtube


  1. Holy entrails, Batbreath! Activision are actually making people aware of Deadpool’s rerelease instead of just shoving it out to die. That or Deadpool has taken Bob Kotick hostage in return for this game being promoted, a lot of chimmychungas and hot superfangirl. Oh and to date Wolverine before bursting into Call of Duty to unleash hell then takes a giant dump in WOW before going on a totally awesome mission to……..

    SAVE THE WORLD! again. Even though i am joking, that could be a legit thing to happen in any of the future Deadpool games or trailers. Which will never happen as Activision will go “It is not pulling in COD numbers, just can it.”. :(

  2. Nice to see Activision have kept the Deadpool humour by asking £45 for this.

    • Haha nice one

    • And as another joke, it will run worse then the original!

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