Fred Dutton Joins SCEE As Blog Manager

Fred Dutton, former US news editor for Eurogamer, has joined Playstation as the Blog Manager.

“As Fred comes from a solid journalistic background and has a big interest in gaming, I’m confident that he’ll be able to bring you lots of regular features that you’ll only find on the PlayStation Blog, as well as keeping you up to date with all the latest industry news,” says the company’s Emmanuel Orssaud in a blog post this morning.


We wish Fred all the best luck in the world, we’re excited to see the directions the official channel might be heading in. Let’s hope he’s allowed to link to sites and blogs other than OPM UK…



  1. He will definitely need a lot of luck and best wishes to take on that job. I wouldn’t fancy that for all the cake in the world.

  2. this Fred Dutton?

    based in Washington DC?

    he’s going to be the manager of the sony computer entertainment EUROPE blog?

    that makes sense. o_O

    • Yup, surely there’s someone in Europe who can be awake for anything that might crop-up at, I don’t know, 10am, when it’s 5am over in DC.

      • Ah, but clearly Fred Dutton does not sleep! Obviously.

    • The only way to deal with the abuse you’d receive writing on the EU Blog effectively is to put an ocean between you and the abusers.

    • I think he’s relocated to London.

      • I dunno, They come over here, takin’ our jobs…

      • i hope he didn’t relocate just for this job, because if scee is as bad a place to work as the high staff turnover would seem to imply then it might turn out to be a mistake.

        but best of luck to him, he’ll need it.

        i saw one article from the nintendo mag site that said he was relocating to the us in 2010.

        did he not like it over there?

      • “Dey tuk ar jaahhbbs!!”

      • I think Mini-Lipscombe has started to rub off on you Kev as apparently, he’s TSA’s number 1 racist. He hates purple people for some reason. :p

        Relocating to london during the olympics is not the smartest thing to do as London will be very hard to navigate.

      • does anybody like purple people though? o_O

      • Im sure purple people like purple people.

    • typical…

      maybe Sony America is taking on staff and we can all apply at our local job centre

    • He is based in London right now.

  3. The very best of luck to him, the EU Blog community are a harsh taskmaster, to put it nicely.

    • the community might be willing to cut them some slack if they showed signs of competence occasionally .

  4. He’s already in the bad books, where’s todays PSN store update?

    • Isn’t that still Jawad’s responsibility? Well, his responsibility to be moaned at endlessly at least…

  5. I wish Fred luck and hopefully, he will be able to rid SCEE of it’s OPM fetish and actually link to some decent articles. Such as Alex’s 15 page Vita article that was ignored in favour of a 1 page article that had a list from OPM.

    He will need a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with the community as SCEE are not excalty the best company in the world.

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