Sony Pulls The Shutter On More PlayStation Servers

Three more series will soon be stepping up to the firing line as Sony plans to cease online support for more of its first/second party software. As of August 31st, players will no longer be able to access online features for The Eye of Judgment: Legends, Sony’s portable, gimmick-free take on the popular PS3 card game.

Shortly after, on October 1st, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and surprisingly, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, will be stripped of online functionality.


It’s always a shame to see some of our favourite online games stubbed out due to server closures.

However, Sony doesn’t take pleasure in pulling the plug on its pool of fondly-remembered, yet constantly-ageing multiplayer titles. One has to imagine that, due to inactivity, it becomes difficult for the publisher to justify the costs behind running and maintaining servers that are growing more barren as the years pass.

For a full list of games that no longer support online play, check here.



  1. Such a shame to see great games servers get shut down.

  2. Pacific Rift one of the greats..

  3. Motor Storm Pacific Rift was one of the games I bought together with my first PS3 in March 2009. And like your first love, you never forget it.

    Pacific Rift has it all, great looks, great gameplay, fantastic music and superb online play. It was this game that paved my way into online gaming before anything else. I prefer the look and feel of Pacific Rift over the latest installment of Motorstorm, Apocalypse, with the horrible cartoony story mode.

    What I don’t understand is that they can’t maintain a server. Surely, it can be used to run other no so frequently played. With little effort this can be done.

    In other industries, companies sell off things they don’t want to have anymore. Why not do this with games as well? I don’t want to be stuck with 42 games that have online modes, which can’t be accessed in a few years time. Certainly when many gamers seem reluctant to upgrade to the next generation and build up their gaming collection from scratch again.

  4. Man I got so confused. i thought it was Apocalypse you were talking about! Thought it was a bit cheeky of Sony giving it for free for PS+ then doing that.

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