Removed PSP Games Put Back On Japanese PSN Store

Remember a while ago, Sony removed a couple of PSP games from the store? Those games were Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis. Apparently, they were being targeted by people who were trying to find a way to get a homebrew loader working on the PlayStation Vita.

Well, it now looks like Sony has plugged the security gaps. Arctic Edge has been announced as returning to the PSN Store today by Sony Japan. Presumably, the other removed games will also return and then we’ll see them back on the US and EU stores soon too.

This is quite good news, I was about to buy Everybody’s Tennis just when it disappeared!

Source: Sony, via NeoGAF


  1. They are both back on the UK store now.

    • Excellent news! Did they just go up today?

      • I think so, both are also priced at £6.99 … sorely tempted to buy them.

  2. Out if curiosity: Does anybody follow the jailbreaking scene and know if the holes have actually been plugged in the games? (or one of those firmware updates we had)

  3. I was so happy to hear this today, as awesome as Motorstorm RC is, Arctic Edge is full on awesome!

  4. Good :)

  5. Hummm deja vu… must have changed something in the matrix O_o

  6. Nice one, think I’ll pick up Artic Edge.

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