PSPgo Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

When we first heard about the pre-order bonuses for Gran Turismo PSP we wondered how they would translate into digital downloads. Valve’s groundbreaking Steam service allows users to pre-load a game before release but there’s still no way to actually pre-order a digital download and there certainly isn’t one on the PSPgo that we’re aware of, so we fired off an email to SCEE to see if there’s an official answer to the issue.


Well, there isn’t, yet, but a reply on the US Blog regarding Motorstorm Arctic Edge’s pre-order bonuses might shed some light on the whole situation.  “Just spoke with the Product Manager,” says David Bull, “and he will make the pre-order download available for all consumers who purchase the game from the PSN within the first 30 days from launch.”  This seems like a fair result, actually, and we hope it’ll roll out to other PSN games too.

“More to come,” he confirms, “but SCEA is committed to supporting PSN consumers.”  Well, they’d have to be, or the Go is going to be a disaster.

Thanks, mads2194.