gran turismo psp

Gran Turismo Sales Top 55M

PSP version is selling well.

PS Exclusives Get 17 Nominations In VGAs

Drake, Killzone 2 and Flower nominated

Why GT PSP Looks Awesome

One technique used to make much nicer graphics.

GT PSP Priced For UK

Along with Grand Theft Auto, for starters.

Review: Gran Turismo [PSP]

The best portable racing game ever created?

Gran Turismo PSP Requires FW 6.00

Custom firmware users better throw in the towel. Final version info inside.

GT PSP: New Tracks, New Info

And Kazunori Yamauchi speaks out on the game.

GT 5 Out Shortly After GT PSP

And Gamescom is basically a big focus test.

Gran Turismo PSP Has An Internal Camera

The portable racer just got even better.

Get Gran Turismo PSP Free

Not pre-ordered your PSPgo yet?

PSPgo Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

You can’t pre-order a digital download so how do you get your bonuses?

Gran Turismo PSP News

Lamborgini license confirmed, plus news that the download will be cheaper than the UMD.

New PSP Footage Of LBP And Gran Turismo

It’s a week old, but still worth watching.

Transfer Cars From GT PSP To GT5

Plus confirmation of Gran Turismo 6. Sigh.

TSA: Best PSP Game

Small in size, big in stature.