Transfer Cars From GT PSP To GT5

After we revealed the release date of Gran Turismo 5 on Friday, such as it is, it appears the hype for the game has gone up a notch. This video, from Gamespot, suggests that there might be more to the PlayStation Portable version of Gran Turismo than we first thought. The interview as a whole isn’t terribly exciting, but one snippet of information that’s worth mentioning is that when you win a car in GT PSP it’s yours to keep.

This isn’t just referring to the portable version of the game but also in any main console versions too. “Whether it be from PSP to GT 5, to even future renditions, GT 6 and on, you can carry over the cars as YOUR cars,”  said our Kaz. “[They’re] something you own, even if the system changes, you can keep it.”  Sounds like a brilliant feature, as if we needed GT PSP to be any better anyway.  October can’t come soon enough.


And yeah, that’d be GT 6 confirmed, too.

Via GAF.