You must have hoped for this moment. Everyone’s favourite (US-only, insanely) Sony marketing tool has seen fit to stick his oar in with Gran Turismo 5. I’ll shut up and let you get to the goodies.

And yes, I did just call KB a tool.



  1. Hahaha. Bloody brilliant laugh!

    • Truly, it is the dirty cackle of a God!

    • he is amazing

    • it is!!! still cant believe we have “the game is just the start” over here. KB needs UK coverage!

  2. seems to be some dam good freebies if ya work for sony

  3. Nice cars lol

  4. “Kevin Butler is a professional driver” damn that guy is awesome.

  5. I love that every space says “Reserved for Kevin Butler”. :-)

  6. Awesome-sauce

  7. This is the greatest type ad for any modern gaming platform bringing entertainment but sadly its only America has Europe is stuck with the Start Campaign… :(

    All hail to Kevin Butler!!

  8. I dread to see the UK ad…

    • If there is one.

      • “Start… ” and the cardboard cut-outs.

      • It’ll be something obtuse like a man holding a flower pot which will ,in sony’s ad dept. view, be a complicated metaphor which conveys the joy and happiness of driving a car.

      • You never know, Sony might shock us all by making one as good as the one above.

    • “Start racing, start winning”
      Stop making these adverts.

  9. Next week needs to be now.

  10. Brilliant =D

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