Too Many Games!

It’s the time of year when our wallets get a little lighter than normal and when we need to create a bit more room on the games shelf, along with creating some HDD space by deleting a few old demos or installs. This pre-Christmas period the releases have certainly come just as thick and fast as normal, but there is the impression that the quality of some of the must-buy games has risen this year making decisions that much harder.

In the past couple of months alone your wallets might have already been drained by FIFA11, PES20011, Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Rock Band 3, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5 and that’s not taking into account splashing out on PlayStation Move or Kinect and an assortment of games to make them worth your while. On top of this, you may have earmarked excellent titles like Vanquish, Enslaved, Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2, Medal Of Honor or whatever else you may have missed for a later purchase once things quieten down.

You’d be hard-pushed to argue against it being a boom-time for gamers, but affording all the games you want is only a small part of the problem. The real problem is finding the time to cram all the action in.

I haven’t had the funds to secure many of the previously mentioned titles, in fact I’m having a tough enough job just balancing two purchases; Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Call Of Duty: Black Ops. You see, the biggest problem with modern blockbuster games is that they aren’t the 15 minute distractions of days gone by, something you’d kill a bit of time with whilst your waiting for your dinner to cook or a bus to arrive. You have to commit to them to do them justice and – importantly – to be good at them.

After loving Black Ops, I picked up Hot Pursuit which has consumed every single minute of my gaming time ever since. I had a go on BlOps and I was rubbish, barely registering a kill for every ten deaths. Then came my daughter’s birthday weekend when all I played was Singstar Dance, Singstar+Guitar, Singstar Take That… in fact if it had the word Singstar in it, I played it. Finally got some alone time to fire up Hot Pursuit only to find my Speedwall times have been trashed and I’ve got to sink some more time into perfecting every single overtaking manoeuvre, bend and shortcut to give myself a chance of climbing back up the ladder in my Autolog. I understand my GT5-loving friends are having a similar problem.

If someone was to ask me how many games is too many? I’d reply that two great ones is too many. If you try and play them both, its impossible to give either the attention they deserve or indeed need if you want to be good at them, particularly in the multi-player arena.

It’s not the end of the world though, I can pick up Enslaved and Vanquish just after Christmas when things quieten down… What do you mean there’s Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Bulletstorm, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Yakuza 4, Brink, Portal 2, Crysis 2, F.E.A.R. 3, Deus Ex and Need For Speed Shift 2 all due out before Easter? Damn!



  1. And yet people still moan that “good” games get overlooked. Too many games, that cost too much, that last too long. Unless you’re a doley, then it’s perfect.

  2. Release schedules are getting mental at the moment. At least last year everyone got scared of MW2 and puched their games into quieter periods, but no seems to be doing that this time round.

  3. I find the achievements/trophy system helps me supress the amount of games I have on the go at a time. I typically buy a game, play it until I get all/most of the achievements before trading it in and moving onto the next one (or putting it on the shelf to come back to at a later date if its a really good game). I find I average at 2 games a month using this approach, whereas I would be swimming in games right now if I picked up every game that has come out over the past 3 months that have sparked my interest! Plus a lot of the games I like the look of have dropped in price by the time I get round to them so I consider it a win-win :)

  4. You know… looking at the number of games I can only see five that I would get

  5. We are fucked, aren’t we?

    Great article.

  6. Exactly my thoughts. If it wasn’t for my paternity leave I wouldn’t have had any time to play AC Brotherhood or BlOps. And like it or not, this is where Pre-owned plays a huge role. Even if your saving a fiver on each game it soon all adds up.

  7. Fantastic read Chris and yes I agree 2 great titles or even 3 is too much. I have bought NFS:HP, blops, GT5, Vanquish, 007 Bloodstone, Medal of Honur, Brotherhood, Vegas, and MOVE. (Only 3 titles in my opinion are amazing out of 10)
    In two weeks time I’m off work for two weeks sure it’s not enough time to catch up or finish of gaming but I have Demon Souls and I plan to play this and only that game alone over the holidays.
    Of course there’s Brotherhood, Vegas and GT5 that remains incomplete but the holiday maight be enough for me to catch up with the story and enjoyment of the game itself and I may have to record the missus some Christmas Films and all lol. I am actually looking forward to play some great titles that I never got the chance due to blops and GT5 and all. There’s only one or two days that I’m not gaming at the time due to BOOZE! lol. Gotta love Christmas Day and Boxing day with the family and of course New Year. Looking forward to play MOVE with my whole family.

    I fear for the following year starting with LBP 2 followed by Mass Effect and the list goes on. Still I am looking forward to even more great titles in 2011 particulary DeadSpace 2 – My favourite (Also going to replay DeadSpace this Christmas for 7th time xD)

  8. I have Blops, GT5, MoH which are all getting a small bit of play time.
    I’m really tempted by NFS and Enslaved. They will be maybe wait until after Xmas.

    Its hard to give games the time they deserve!

    • As great as Enslaved is, it can easy be finished in a couple of evenings so might be worth a rental :)

  9. I really can’t afford to keep buying new games, I got my PS3 with my Redundancy/Birthday/Christmas money last year. I got used to playing games to death back in the early 80’s, but without pre-owned my gaming would be very dull indeed. I’m always 12-18 months behind on my game collection.

  10. Simple answer: Rent instead. I get a nice new game from Boomerang, play it through to the end, send it back, get a new one. It’s cheap as (London) chips and zero hassle. Plus it means I can try out loads of titles I may of missed like the rather fabulosa Wolverine game

    • I always feel cheated somehow if I rent, like I should at least get a badge or something when I return the game. My problem to get over.

    • Renting is great for ‘filler’ titles, but its not very helpful when you want to sink months/a year into Hot Pursuit, PES, BlOps or whatever

      Getting good at one of them means you’ll be rubbish at the other when you go back to it

      • “Getting good at one of them means you’ll be rubbish at the other when you go back to it”

        Thats my biggest problem with having too many games I want/buy. I give one of them lots of time, give up for a bit, then come back. It’s a real struggle to get back into it at the level you were at before.

        I’ve luckily managed to curb my buying spree slightly though, but still feel like i’m missing out on some great titles.

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