MotorStorm Arctic Edge Pulled from PSN Store

Ok, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this for about 20 minutes. I’m not familiar with homebrew and such, so some of the technical jargon used has gone right over my head.

Here goes: MotorStorm Arctic Edge has been pulled from the PSN Store. Apparently there was an exploit found within the game, and by using Vita Half Byte Loader files, you’ll get a “limited PSP homebrew experience”.


Wololo seems to have already released the Vita Half Byte Loader files, which caused the reaction from Sony who removed Arctic Edge in a matter of hours. I’ve had a look through the store and the game definitely isn’t there.

I’m guessing that with the amount of piracy on the PSP, and the PS3 hacks last year, Sony will be pretty hot on this type of thing.



  1. Can’t we all just get along?

  2. Wow, that was quick work by Sony

    • The hack itself was announced to have been successful about a week ago. Then they announced almost exactly when they would reveal which game was the source of the hack for yesterday morning, and that it was only for the SCEE version of the game on PSN.

      This was so that as many people as possible could try and grab it quickly from the store, but it also gave Sony a heads up.

      I wonder how many managed to beat Sony to the click?

      • “and that it was only for the SCEE version of the game on PSN”

        So much for the better quality of EU Q&A then, wasn’t it one of the reasons we sometimes get games on PSN later? ;)

      • Sorry, I meant something quite different to what I said.

        The US didn’t even have MS:AE on the store. So it was only via the EU store that it could be bought. Not sure about the Japanese store, but I think it’s also been pulled from Hong Kong, but I can’t remember which jurisdiction that falls under.

  3. Just to be clear, this exploit lived within the walled garden that is the PSP emulation mode. It doesn’t affect the main console, and doesn’t leak back across to the PS3. With the game removed from PSN, it’s stopped in its tracks beyond the few people that did manage to get it, and will be patched out soon enough.

    This also doesn’t allow you to install and load pirated PSP games. There is no ISO loading. Just a few homebrew things from the PSP.

    I believe Arctic Edge was also a source of a short lived exploit on the PSP itself.

    However, it is a gateway, and if they can use it to break one of the walls into the PS Vita’s main system, then that’ll mean trouble.

  4. “Ok, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this for about 20 minutes.”

    – Yeah, i can see your point there.

  5. PSP Go version was taken off my download list earlier too, even though it’s not compatible with the vita. Hopefully it will be when they put it back up though, didn’t fancy paying £15 to buy it even though I had already owned it.

  6. Go away hackers and people exploiting things, it just ruins the fun for the rest of us :(

  7. Bloody hell not only is Arctic Edge a brilliant game but it is from a developer recently closed, sickening

  8. It will be back, right?

  9. Hehe.
    I already have Arctic Edge on my Vita- won’t be using any homebrew exploits though.
    Never saw any real advantage to them over just using the Vita/PSP normally.

    • Of limited interest, mainly to enthusiasts.

      Of course piracy is where things can inevitably end up & if it’s enabled in such way to become as rampant as the PSP then 3rd party support for the Vita will wither & die.

  10. Arse – I own the download version and had forgotten to download it onto my Vita :o(

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