War Of The Roses Gearing Up For Its First US Tournament

Next week, Paradox Interactive will kick off its “Six Games and Rock n’ Roll” tour with a live broadcast of it first War of the Roses US tournament. The even will be hosting 20 competitors from the gaming industry, including YouTube commentators and a number of Paradox devs.

Unlike the recent DreamHack tournament, given the nature of this competition, there won’t be a grand cash prize. With that said, there is still plenty of industry “cred” at stake here; you can follow the live stream at TwitchTV.


Breaking away from the publisher’s strategy-based roots, Fatshark’s War of the Roses is essentially a medieval take on your everyday online shooter. However, instead of AKs and RPGs, players will be slinging and swinging with an entire arsenal of archaic weaponry.

Source: Press Release