GAME Offering £80 3DS XL Trade-In Offer

[drop2]The Nintendo 3DS XL, which I wrote 2,000 words about here, is out this Friday. If you’re interested in one and currently own a 3DS, then GAME’s £80 in-store offer might be right up your street.

Of course, you’ll need to surrender your current 3DS, but in return you’ll get a much bigger system, better screen, more robust construction and a bigger memory stick. It’ll also mean you won’t need to splash out on the full £180.


The pack will also include a power adapter, the 3DS XL (incredibly) doesn’t come with one.

For those wanting to transfer over their data from their 3DS to 3DS XL (which would include all your ambassador games and anything you’ve downloaded) we’re hearing that some GAME stores will let you buy the XL outright, take it home, do the transfer (which needs an internet connection) and then take the 3DS back to get the £100 difference. Which is nice of them.

Check with your local store first though.



  1. If my local Gamestation allows the data transfer then I’m going to be mightily conflicted.

  2. good luck to them

  3. Sounds like a fair deal, but it will still be a little too steep for some.

    • Agreed, it’s a lovely little? console but when considering that you can buy a wi-fi Vita for slightly less, it does seem a little costly, especially as some people find the Vita prices a tad steep!

  4. Mmm may have a look with this – got the 3ds off ebay for £80 a year ago so overall would be good deal

  5. If i had a 3DS i might have traded it in…towards a vita.

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