Naughty Dog Explain The Last Of Us’ “Dynamic Stealth” AI

[drop2]Naughty Dog’s Game Director Bruce Straley has been discussing the new AI routines coded for upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last Of Us.

For example: when enemy characters are searching for Joel and Ellie they will ‘know’ about each other and if the player kills one of the AIs there will be consequences.


“They split up but then they’re going to reform and if one of them doesn’t show up, he’s going to start asking, ‘Where’d he go?’ They’re going to start looking for their buddy and they’re going to start getting panicked,” said Bruce.

Naughty Dog describe this as ‘dynamic stealth’ and will help set the tone of the game, “We’re trying to emphasize the reality of the situation that Joel and Ellie are in. There are consequences to your actions,” Straley explained.

To add to the tension and real world feel accessing the inventory will not cause the action to pause.

“Our inventory system is living, meaning the game is still running. You’re not paused when you’re going into your inventory. So it’s just like you’ve pulled the backpack off of your back and you’re in there creating something live while the enemies are moving around the environment and coming to get you if you’ve engaged with them,” said Bruce.

It seems that since Hitman’s Nuns and Lara Croft’s assault every developer and their dog is now distancing themselves from violence within video games, rather odd when we’ve have twenty five years or so of exploding heads, dismemberments and gore without anyone batting an eye lid.

“It’s not just for the sake of blood and violence,” said Bruce, referring to the E3 demo that found Joel and Ellie attacked by a group of hunters , “We’re interested in seeing the best and the worst of humanity. So just because this is one faction that you’re meeting doesn’t mean that this is the world.”

Source: GI.Biz



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