PlayStation Are Asking If We’d Buy PS3 And Vita Games From

PlayStation are running a (considerably massive) survey in which they’re asking readers of the PlayStation Blog what they think of the company, the blogs and their various social media channels.

One of the questions in the survey relates to things you’d like to do (as in, the website itself) and in amongst getting product recommendations and a release calendar is something more interesting and potentially rather exciting:


Buy downloadable games for PS3 and PS Vita directly from

This could be great – not just for consumers but also for developers and publishers who would no doubt love to be able to direct potential customers to a webpage for purchasing rather than trying to navigate the PS Store.

The Xbox 360 already does this, so let’s hope PlayStation are taking this seriously – if you agree this is a great idea, fill in the survey and voice your opinion. The survey takes about half an hour or so.



  1. Can’t wait for them to make a .- So the rest of Europe actually can get some content on that blog they can access/participate in.

  2. It will be fun they said.
    It’s only 15 minutes they said.

  3. Might do the survey later, if it’ll allow me. I like the idea of a web-store.

  4. That would be cool. That way I could make the odd purchase at work when I’m bored and never play the game. Just like with Steam…
    But in all seriousness, I’d use that service. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to boot up the PS3 or get out my Vita. I could also buy games for later without the need to download PS3 patches!

  5. Only if they’re super cheap…….

  6. Did about 10 minutes of the survey and only got about a quarter of the way through. How many people do they think are going to sit there and fill in such a long survey.

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