Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musicals Game Coming To Wii

Koch Media has announced that Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals: Sing & Dance, developed by Tubby Games,  will release on the Wii on 14th September.

“This is a fabulous signing for us,“ said Paul Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director at Koch Media, “Andrew Lloyd Webber and his creations are a British institution that have been enjoyed by generations across the world.  The chance to bring this product to market for the Nintendo Wii is both an honour and hugely exciting.”


The game will feature 32 songs from a collection of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals, including ‘Cats’, ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’, ‘Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ Donny Osmond, Elaine Paige and Boyzone will be some of the artists who will also feature in the game. The game itself will three different game modes, which are Sing, Dance and Career.

Source: Press Release



  1. Wait what?

    “Masquerade! Moving wiimotes on parade, masquerade.”

  2. Jesus – Suddenly Farming Simulator 2013 isn’t looking all that bad…

  3. Yaaay! Can’t wait!……………………..

  4. Also, there couldn’t be more appropriate developers of a Lloyd Webber game than Koch Media….

  5. Dancing, singing, should bring such elation,
    Wiggling, waggling just leads to frustration.
    Turn your head away from this garish type of play
    Find yourself a better occupation,
    The power of the hard core gene-ray…shaw..aaw…aaw…awnnn..

  6. Shame he has nothing on Piano Sonata No. 1 In F Minor, Op. 2, 4. Prestissimo.

  7. ALW has got to be taking the Wii!

    I’ll get me coat…

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