Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Announced

EA has just announced that there’s going to be another Army of Two game, this one dubbed “The Devil’s Cartel”. The game will be released for “current generation” machines – so the PS3 and Xbox 360 – next March. When pretty much everyone seems to be dumping their current gen games.

The game will feature two new protagonists, and will sport a “more intense, mature and grittier tone” than the other two games which were reasonably intense, mature and gritty in the first place.


It’s all about Mexico (hence the subtitle) and will offer two player co-op (and not the four player system that was previously rumoured) with the two new guys – the wonderfully named Alpha and Bravo – rather than Rio and Salem.

“We wanted to refresh the Army of Two franchise for a new generation of action gamers,” said Julian Beak, executive producer, Visceral Games, “and at the same time, stay true to the core concept that really made the first two games fan favourites,” .

“With meaningful, seamless co-op gameplay at its core and explosive new tag-team features, gamers will have to work together tactically and strategically as they push through a city dominated by one of Mexico’s deadliest drug cartels.”

Visceral are also working on another co-op game – Dead Space 3.



  1. “a new generation of action gamers” – OMG PS4!! LOLZ

  2. The last game that used the subtitle ‘Cartel’ was Call of Juarez. Look how that one turned out!

    This actually sounds similarly bad to me, but for different reasons – As far as i can see, Rio & Salem were about the only draw to the AoT games. Now they have been replaced by ‘Generic Grunt A’ & ‘Generic Grunt B’ by the sounds of it!

    Yep, i can confirm that my hype levels have not been suitably raised EA. Good job.

  3. Oh god…. not another Army of Two, right how come this shite gets sequels while stuff fresh like Mirrors Edge and could be improved from the first which was bit weak in places are completely out of the question.


    • I was completely out of breath reading that sentence…but also completely agree.

  4. Army of Two is one of those franchises I really want to like, but just stands out as a bit flat compared to a number of its rivals.

    That said, I’m still interested in seeing where this will go. I actually liked Rio and Salem, but A/B give Visceral an opportunity to start fresh.

  5. You can complain all you want but as long as other companies refuse to include local coop in their games, I appreciate a new AoT game.

    • …Until its discovered that the co-op in this game is online only, as that way they can include an online pass.

      Its EA – They can’t have people enjoying games together for free! :)

      • I don’t think they would do that. That’s the only selling point this franchise has. Or would they? **DUM DUUUUM*

      • It is EA. :)

        Whilst i have to admit that i do like the games that they release/publish & have nothing against them per se, i can’t help but be a bit cynical when it comes to stuff like this, as they do like to monetise anything they can.

  6. I really liked the first two AoT’s, I must admit – despite their apparent flaws and shortcomings.
    I found them entertaining and easy to get into, and am looking forward to the next installment – unless a poor demo puts me off it.

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